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Mark Lundequist
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Too simplified for my taste
core rules

I'm sorry but after reading this entire beta version, yes it is not completely in stone but I do not see it changing much before the final release in October, I find this system too simplified.  With it being so story-driven, why bother rolling dice.  Make it free-form like on of the dice-less systems.  If this system is trying to push a great heroic story for the players to enjoy, why bother disrupting that feeling with dice rolls?

I am not saying to make this game have rules for every little aspect, but this system is running a little thin.  Just the ship combat rules contradict the use of dice rolls.  To fire the cannons, you can use any Trait based on how the cannons are being used [IE Firing the Ship’s cannons can be
a Brawn Risk (they’re pretty damn heavy, even on wheels) or a Wits Risk (getting the angle right is a matter of mathematics and timing). Heroes could
even use Panache to command the Crew or Resolve to keep cool under fire. Finesse could be used for reloading quickly.]. Sorry that doesn't jive with me.  With any player deciding to use his highest Trait, why not just have them come up with some story as to why they are firing it successfully rather than rolling dice.

There are a lot of other rules I question too, but not going to go through them all.

Bottom line, I feel this game is "too simple" and doesn't give me a feeling of being a challenging game like many other systems.  Seems rather redundant in its format.


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Might I suggest doing what I had originally planned and use the setting, but take the rules of a different system? Specifically, I was planning on using either Savage Worlds because my group knew that system or GURPS because I have the books. There are other systems that could work as well.

And, should you feel uncomfortable trying to recreate the magic systems in a different system, maybe you can do something I was planning on for a short basis that also explains why the group is working together.


A rip in the fabric of space has recently opened in northern Orlando, Florida. A rip to a far off world. The military has taken control over the immediate area and set up an extremely busy outpost that has a large variety of scientists, politicians, and reporters constantly streaming in and out as the public demands to know what is on the other side. The world watches as your recon team is the first people to step through and explore a new world.


Using this idea and the setting if 7th Seas, I would have the rift be caused by one of several things, each none of which would be the major secret of the campaign:
1. Fate witch twisted fate too far and caused the rip (finding who caused it could be a major facet of the game)
2. An artifact activated. This could lead to something similar to Stargate if allowed.
3. Either the fey of Avalon or the devils of the commonwealth did it.
4. The thirty year war had some unexpected consequences.

Three of these start the game proper in a particular nation. The fourth could be anywhere. Even the emperor's throne room.

True Iskander
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I get what you're saying.  While I never actually played 1e when it was in print, I think it's fair to say that I prefer that game's level of crunch to the more free-form elements of 2e.  I have a sense that my game will be an attempt at fusing what I like about the settings and rules of the two editions.

BluSponge blusp...
BluSponge blusponge@verizon.net's picture

I'd still be very interested in seeing a 7th Sea 1.5, taking the best of both editions and welding them together.


True Iskander
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You and me both! :)
Wolfflin Huyghen
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I think that many of us were waiting for that Seventh Sea 1.5 instead the actual 2.0... 

For sure that somebody it's going to make that. But it's a pity that they didn't offer a transition book (AKA 7thSea 1.5) instead soooo many suplements.

What do you think? Maybe a fanmade with John Wick team approval?

BluSponge blusp...
BluSponge blusponge@verizon.net's picture

Oh no, they said they were working on a conversion document.  There just isn't a formal release date.

If you listen to the early podcasts, Wick and Co specifically state one of the reasons they included the PDFs of 1st edition in the mix was because they didn't want people feeling alienated by the new system.  They even looked into getting the old books back into print for that reason.  So I expect they won't have a problem with a 1.5 game.  I don't think you'd be allowed to sell it.  But putting up a document like the 7th Sea Compendium would probably be well received – assuming you can get everyone on the same page as to what a 1.5 edition looks like.  

Inquisitor Artless
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To each their own, I guess. I think it may have a few problems but I plan to use 2e in any case. I like how one can chill out and have fun focusing on a story and have everyone control the drama rather than rolling a bad die and having Inigo get killed by Rugen. A dramatic ending, but not as satisfying as having him do his spiel and stab the guy.

On the other hand, some people's fun is in the chance. That's all right, it may not be the system for you, but the setting is awesome enough that it can be played in a lot of different systems.

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I am booked for another 6 years at least running first edition. But I will end up running a second edition game at some point in the near future. No reason you can't do both. No reaon you can't adapt Sarmatia to the old system if you please. I don't think we need a converted book for that. But it would make swordschools easier to use. I expect the sourcebooks will give us a lot of those schools back.
Nathan Henderson
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Mark, to each their own, but I will point out, what you're responding to is not "everyone decides what to use provided they come up with some weak justification" it's "we just game masters to make accurate rulings for their table."   John has been talking about this for a while - rules are guidelines to help the person running the game make arbitrations, they aren't there to decide the issues for them, because they can't do that accurately for the endless diversity of situations.

It is obviously a much more narratively driven mechanical engine that First Edition though, that is true.

Heng benjamin
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My playgroup doesn't likes rules. They never read any book. That's the GM job's.

So, 1st ed combat was a pain for me and dragged on for hours (we spend a whole session trying not to get them killed by 2 mermaids).

I'm am really happy with those mecanics cause the only thing i'll have to do is 5 cards (maybe 6) for the duellists. 

Also, I do not have the time I had to prepare NPC. Vilain with a pair of stat will be so cool to use!

I'm seduced by this system, but not convinced by the lack of guidelines about dramatic sequences, how to deal with hero's stories in big group... but the core is what I was hopping!

Alfredo Tarancón
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My taste in rpgs have usually fell on the rules-light kind of games, except for a couple exception (Spycraft/fantasycraft). And the last few years I've gone even deeper in this kind of games, more based on the story and leaving rules in a secondary place...

I really thing that people that are having a hard time getting used to the 2e could use afew steps of transition between 1e and 2e, playing games that are more related in style to this one...

Try a few games of octane, Inspectres, for example... or, my main recommendation, Lady Blackbird and any of the lite games by John Harper. Lady Blackbird is 16 pages long, including PC sheets, and that's all you need to play for weeks. The text is evocative and full of hooks for the players to get into the universe, without having to go into too much detail. The rule's system is a couple of paragraphs long, and included in every pc sheet. 

These games are a really good way to get used to this kind of games, I think. I love LBB, its a hell of a game...

but I get it, this style of play it's not for everyone...


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