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Hi everybody!

Sorry for the incredibly embarrasing newb question, but this has been bugging me for a while and I can't go on until I get it right.

As a GM, I don't know how risks work exactly. I understand the basic rules to resolve a risk, and then we have an action sequence (or Action Scene), which is a series of risks/rolls/rounds. This emulates action rounds in more traditional RPG's.

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  • by Guy Reisman
  • Sat, 09/02/2017 - 11:35

Going over the rules once more in preparation for a game it suddenly dawned on me that 7th Sea 2nd edition doesn't actually have any rules for "reactive" or "passive" rolls (what, I suppose, other RPGs might refer to as "saving throws"). This is obviously fully intentional and I fully understand the reasoning behind it - there's no need to explain that to me. However, thinking back to swashbuckling literature it's hard to deny that sometimes there is value to knowing whether or not a hero is affected by poison, or is succesfully snuck upon, etc.

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OK, I realize that body armor isn't a common item in the setting but it is mentioned - I just can't find any rules for it 

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  • by Patrick Harrington
  • Sat, 06/10/2017 - 16:17

So my players ended up in a duel. Being the high rollers they are they bet their ship on the outcome. Luckily they won but I need an idea of Adventure to represent this. Anyone got any ideas or examples of their own adventures they've come up with?

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  • by Cthulhu Netobvious
  • Fri, 05/19/2017 - 12:05

BREAKING NEWS: It seems finally, the world of 7th Sea accepts mature "JUSTIFIED Killings".

So even if the Brutes or Villains are "Helpless" and your Hero kills them, if you can justify the reason for that Kill to be a Heroic Kill (a quick kill, not a slow torturous one), you may just avoid Corruption penalties (unless your GM is a Moralist Puritan).

Page 296 (is an error to be ignored)

TAJ-07: Technopriest And Justicar Of 7thSea2e

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  • by Cthulhu Netobvious
  • Tue, 04/11/2017 - 19:29


I know enough about the game, even all of the silly old metaplot, but iv'e never been able to find out what was the eponymous 7th sea.


COMMENTARY: From the Second Edition

TAJ-07: Technopriest And Justicar Of 7thSea2e

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