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Quickstart - Re-built pre-gens
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So we've got the newest version of the rules now, which means that the pre-generated characters for the Quick-start aren't legal :)

I decided to try to recreate them as closely as possible, using the same backgrounds, and then using the extra skill points and advantages to get things that were on their sheet before but are missing now.  The Traits, Vitrues and Hubrises will just stay the same, so I'm not going to mention them.


Aleksander - Aristocrat and Army Officer

Aim 2, Athletics 2, Convince 2, Empathy 2, Intimidate 1, Perform 1, Ride 2, Scholarship 3, Warfare 3, Weaponry 2

Academy, Direction Sense, Disarming Smile, Indomitable Will, Large, Leadership, Reputation, Rich


Domenica - Courtier and Sorte Strega

Convince 3, Empathy 3, Hide 2, Notice 2, Perform 2, Ride 2, Scholarship 1, Tempt 3, Weaponry 2

An Honest Misunderstanding, Come Hither, Connection, Friend at Court, Linguist, Sorcery x2, Time Sense

Read, Blessing Minor and Major, Curse Minor


Ennio - Bravi and Consiglieri

Athletics 3, Convince 1, Empathy 3, Hide 2, Intimidate 2, Notice 2, Ride 1, Tempt 2, Theft 1, Weaponry 3

Duelling Academy, Hard to Kill, Poison Immunity, Streetwise, We're not so Different


Roberto - Mirabilis and Sailor

Aim 2, Athletics 1, Brawl 1, Convince 3, Empathy 1, Notice 1, Perform 1, Ride 1, Scholarship 2, Sailing 3, Tempt 2, Weaponry 2

Able Drinker, Bar Fighter, Eagle Eyes, Handy, Linguist, Ordained, Sea Legs, Spark of Genius


Azucena - Assassin and Criminal ( This seemed the most appropriate background, although Explorer was a thought)

Athletics 2, Convince 2, Empathy 2, Hide 2, Intimidate 2, Notice 2, Ride 1, Scholarship 1, Theft 3, Warfare 1, Weaponry 2

Camaraderie, Connection, Fencer, Psst Over Here, Second Story Work, Small, Streetwise

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Nice, thanks for the effort.
Ben Woerner
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Cthulhu Netobvious
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angel Wow, great work JoachimDenauve.

By the way did anybody play Ennio Vespucci in a Quentin Tarantino inglorious bastard type of way during the Quickstart? 

His "uncanny" virtue allowed a first-strike bloodfest on brude squads. That is "Spend a Hero Point. For the next Risk, when you determine Raises, every die counts as a Raise. At the end of the Round, you become Helpless".

TAJ-07: Technopriest And Justicar Of 7thSea2e

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It happened in our run through. The sheer number of raises involved ( thanks to a Sorte blessing AND a friendly hero point from the Prince) lead to a long duel.
Tilly Bomas
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I wonder what they are going to look like, if they get NPCed.... since they are now canon characters in the story.  The coup is even talked about, but failed.  

Evan Sageser
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I might use Ship captain for Roberto instead of Sailor, it's mostly background details, but he does apparently own a ship that the party uses to escape the Sarmatian commonwealth. They didn't have the "Married to the Sea" advantage yet, but it feels appropriate here.


Also important to consider is what dueling academy Enio would use. In 1e he was essentially min-maxed to be the absolute best at dueling because the Ambrogia style let him use his Panache instead of his Finese when dueling, thus the maxed out 5 Panache. Now though, Ambrogia uses Wits (which strikes me as more appropriate for a more under-handed style like Ambrogia) but given that the Vodacce can't get a Wits bonus, (or Panache anymore for that matter) he can't max out his dueling stat anymore.

BluSponge blusp...
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On a slightly related topic, has there been any word about an updated QS after the core rules are sent to the printer?

Alfredo Tarancón
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I'm guessing there will eventually be one... The stretch goal related to the record of funds for a rpg was that, in fact. They will have to update the pcs and the rules, maybe change a little bit the intent behind the qs...

Mike McCall
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That stretch goal wasn't about a QS. It was about a basic edition of the game, available for free. The description was basically a cut-down version of the game, enough to make characters and play, but without a lot of the either extra fluff or crunch (like a limited list of Advantages). Like the 5th ed. D&D basic game PDF.

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And if you think about it, a PDF of just the stripped down rules in a consice order will make a handy GM reference for when you just need to build a character or run something and don't need to know the Avalon attitude towards Eisen.
Donovan Morningfire
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I did a revamp of the Quick Start PCs recently, effectively rebuilding them as starting Heroes using the printed 2e rules.

Some just required a few minor tweaks, others I pretty much had to rebuild from the ground up to get them to be thematically appropriate and mechanically viable (poor Ennio, having his Duelist style be so radically changed that his Traits largely made him a shoddy Ambrogia fighter).

I've got them scheduled to post on my blog in a few days, and will provide a link once the post goes live.  Currently in the midst of posting a series of Heroes that I created (mostly for use in one-shots we played to try out the system), and don't want to buck that particularly train just yet.

Dono's Gaming & Etc Blog

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