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  • by Cthulhu Netobvious
  • Wed, 06/15/2016 - 14:15

Thanks to James Anderson.

This is an editable Character Generator Spreadsheet. It also converts the computations to printable form.

Click the links below to download (v1.20 updates previous v1.10 with major NEW additions including Nations of Theah)

v1.12 7thSea2e_character_sheet_v1.20 (includes Nations of Theah Volume 1 and Volume 2)

TAJ-07: Technopriest And Justicar Of 7thSea2e

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  • by Lech Górski
  • Tue, 03/14/2017 - 17:32

Hi guys!

The very first time I've been reading through "making a hero" chapter, I've been amazed how many ideas for a hero I had. I wasn't a fan of swashbucklers and this genre was quite new for me, but after reading that chapter, my head was full of all that cool ideas. I'd love to see a place, where people could share theirs.

I'm a web developer. I'm thinking about creating a website, where you could:

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  • by Seventh Sea
  • Thu, 02/09/2017 - 14:28

The Basic Rules cover Théah as a setting, character creation, and the rules for playing the game, making 7th Sea’s core mechanics and setting available to anyone with an internet connection.

All three Basic Rules PDFs are free to share and download, and we encourage you to do just that! We’re excited to make these resources available to new players, and we hope they make it easier than ever to recruit Heroes for adventures in Théah and beyond.


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  • by James Anderson
  • Wed, 06/15/2016 - 13:10

Since my character generator for 1st ed went over really well, I've started up a generator for second ed.  It's not finished yet, but it's got a good start.

It looks like there may be hosting on the site here?  Not sure.  For now, it's on my dropbox at:




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