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GM Notebook Reference
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Campaign planning may now commence.  My GM Notebook Reference for 7th Sea 2nd edition is done.  Its full of idea generators and handy references for the GM on the go who likes to scribble down ideas as inspiration strikes but doesn't want to be saddled with the rulebook.

I've always kept a "game notebook" for various dribs and drabs of campaign development.  A few years back, I ditched spirals for composition notebooks.  They are cheaper ($0.50 during back to school time), have a better form factor, and fit on the shelf better.  I eventually designed a reference aid that, once printed on 8.5x11 in label paper, can be affixed to the inside cover to create what I consider to be the perfect GM's notebook.  I've made them for both my Witch Hunter and B/X D&D games, and now 7th Sea.  This isn't a GM screen.  It's meant to be an inspirational tool to help with prep, not with actual play.  So if you are so inclined, download it and give it a look.

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