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  • by Ben Kimball
  • Thu, 11/03/2016 - 11:40

Hi everyone! First time registrant on the forums, and I was unable to use the Search feature so I hope this is not a duplicate question.

My question is, how does the Opportunist advantage work? Does the opportunist "steal" the Opportunity away from the Hero that created it by spending the Hero Point? That seems a little anti-social for a player. Is it intended only for use by Villains, maybe? Or do both players, the Opportunity creator and the opportunist both gain the Opportunity?


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So a monster with the tentactles power.  Each tentacle is considered a seperate villain with a reduced strength.  SO, do they roll their own dice pool and go on their own raises, or does the main monster use them on its Raises and the Strength more for judging wounds?


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  • by John Keller
  • Sat, 07/16/2016 - 00:24

Zah to you all! How similar are the schools of sword to 1st ed? I know that they were based upon real-world systems of fighting, and cinimatically romanticized at that, and that is supurb for the setting. However, since the first edition, the study of Historical European Martial Arts has broadened. As a practitioner thereof, I was wondering if any research had been made in that direction for the game. This will not hinder me from purchase of the game, which I'll be making soon; I'm just curious.

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  • by Mark Lundequist
  • Mon, 07/04/2016 - 08:25

Read somewhere on the forums about getting a published adventure created. Yes there are examples in the rulebook for action and dramatic sequences and the quickstart game was pretty cool; perhaps have a few published adventures kinda explaining more if the rules is what some of us may need to get a better understanding of the rules, even if they are PDFs.  With everyone talking about house ruling this and that, maybe we need a few adventures so some of us can get a better grasp of truly how this new system is to be run as.

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So played our first game with the new system tonight.  I'll have more to say about this later.  But one question did come up about wounds.  I think there was a thread about this somewhere already, so please help me out if so.

Ok, so Hero gets in a fight and take 2 dramatic wounds.  Scene ends, wounds go away, dramatic wounds stay.  Hero get in another fight.  At this point, does he take his third dramatic wound on the fifth wound, or on the 13th wound?

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So as I scribble down notes for an adventure, a rules question emerges. How does one handle brute on brute combat? 

I expect the heroes will be exploring an island with their crew of sailors. If they command their crew to fight other brutes, how exactly does that work? I don't recall seeing it covered in the text, 

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Hi everbody!
I love the new 7th Sea edition. However, I have a small trouble with mechanics of convincing NPC to do something. Okey, let me bring an example:

Let's say there's an audiance with the king. A Hero is trying to convince the king, that the Count Giorgio killed one of his friends. The Count is a close friend to the king and it should be hard to convice the king that he did that. Let's say that a Hero saw him doing that.

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  • by James Anderson
  • Thu, 06/16/2016 - 19:25

So, most advantages can't be doubled up.  Only 4 can that I see: Sorcery, Duelist, Reputation, and Quick Reflexes.

I'm having a problem with a corner case in backgrounds though.  Typically, if you get an advantage from backgrounds twice, you cross one off and take another of the same value.  Sorcery is called out as an exception to this.  Duelist and Reputation only show up on one background each, so they're not a problem.  But a Mousquetaire Explorer is a problem, as they both give Quick Reflexes.

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