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Ben Kimball
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Opportunist advantage

Hi everyone! First time registrant on the forums, and I was unable to use the Search feature so I hope this is not a duplicate question.

My question is, how does the Opportunist advantage work? Does the opportunist "steal" the Opportunity away from the Hero that created it by spending the Hero Point? That seems a little anti-social for a player. Is it intended only for use by Villains, maybe? Or do both players, the Opportunity creator and the opportunist both gain the Opportunity?


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Joachim Deneuve...
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The way opportunities normally work is that one player sets it up but doesn't get to take advantage of it, they need to wait until someone else's turn and that someone else spending a raise to make use of the opportunity.  The Opportunist advantage allows the benefits of an opportunity to be achieved immediately.

That said, it does allow the player to 'steal' an opportunity from another player who ought to act before them, which could be an issue if used maliciously.  Then again, many advantages could be an issue if used maliciously.

Antti Kautiainen
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Opportunist is not stealing he opportunity, but using it wihtout spending raise andusing Hero Point immediately. IF team has opportunist, creating an oportunity should be focused to benefit him, as he can immediately trigger it on Raise timing of its creation. This game is co-op, not competition. 

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Creating opportunities should work like "player A knocks a pistol out of a brute's hand creating an opportunity for player B or C to grab and use it". The opportunist does it before the villain can do something about it with his own action.
Donovan Morningfire
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Joachim's got a valid point that a number of Advantages could be used to screw over another player by "robbing" the other player.

But I think the thing to bear in mind is that many of those Advantages, such as Opportunist, probably work best when the group works together, even if such coordination might come across as being rather "meta-gamey" to some groups.  Like Salamanca said, Opportunist is perhaps best used at times when it can prevent a Villain from doing something before the window opened by the created opportunity is closed, in particular since the Opportunist Hero doesn't need to spend a Raise to trigger the opportunity, so they can activate it and then use their next Action to take full advantage of it.  But generally speaking, the player with Opportunist should ask "is it okay if I snag this for myself?"

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And some people want to play that character who always seems to get in the way and steal the thunder at the wrong moment. I am pretty sure that if I were going to play a character like Ash from the Evil Dead series, I would take opportunist. Some groups may even use it as a comedic thing where the wrong PC always grabs the vital item instead of the situationally competant character.
Donovan Morningfire
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And for some groups, that is perfectly okay.  Some groups are okay with one (or more) players being delibrately malicious and trying to screw over the other players... granted, I think those folks are nuts, but to each their own.

I could see it being used for comedic effect, but I think moderation is also the key.  If the GM is worried that a player might abuse Opportunist (or any of the Advantages really), best thing to do is have a quick discussion (preferably in private and away from the gaming table) just to make sure that the player doesn't become a disruptive presence by constantly abusing said Advantage.  That a lot of these require the spending of a Hero Point does help cut down on the abuse, as the GM can simply opt to not buy any of the player's unspent dice and thus deprive them of Hero Points, with the easy rationale that "Hero Points are for Heroes doing Heroic things, and deliberately undercutting your fellows for your own personal gain or satisfaction isn't Heroic."

Ultimately, as long as the group is on the same page, and the player of the Opportunist Hero agrees to be sparing in the usage of the Advantage, saving it for times when it'd really be of help to the group or that it would indeed by quite funny for their ill-suited Hero to exploit the Opportunity, then things should be fine.

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