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Mark Lundequist
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published adventure ?
adventure, rules

Read somewhere on the forums about getting a published adventure created. Yes there are examples in the rulebook for action and dramatic sequences and the quickstart game was pretty cool; perhaps have a few published adventures kinda explaining more if the rules is what some of us may need to get a better understanding of the rules, even if they are PDFs.  With everyone talking about house ruling this and that, maybe we need a few adventures so some of us can get a better grasp of truly how this new system is to be run as.

Any old GMs that do have a grasp of these rules up for this? Personally i like the roll and keep mechanics better, but I want to better grasp the concept of this new system as everytime my group tries to play it, the excitement and entertaining aspects seem to fall short.


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Alfredo Tarancón
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It seems that JWP are, for the moment, not planning on publishing adventures, with all the books funded by the kickstarter being a priority.

But they are creating the Explorer's Society site, hopefuly before the end of the year as promised, and I'm sure there would be plenty of adventures published there by fellow fans and maybe some rpg established authors that want to try as well... From what I've read around here, a few of the usuals are planning to do just that... Myself included, probably.

It seems its gonna be something in the style of the Dungeon Master's Guild for D&D, but i'm sure that this will help to inform the kind of material that works, and how to use the game properly. I keep thinking about licenses luke Powered By Apocalypse, that being open let plenty of people to develop new iterations, and improve the of game...

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Yeah, I think most of us are waiting for the Explorer's thing to go live. Hopefully get our hands on some formatting tools/ templates and then go to town. I would not be opposed to seeing the team post a new edition version of one of the old adventures just to see the changes in play style.
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