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James Anderson
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Duplicate advantages
rules, core rules

So, most advantages can't be doubled up.  Only 4 can that I see: Sorcery, Duelist, Reputation, and Quick Reflexes.

I'm having a problem with a corner case in backgrounds though.  Typically, if you get an advantage from backgrounds twice, you cross one off and take another of the same value.  Sorcery is called out as an exception to this.  Duelist and Reputation only show up on one background each, so they're not a problem.  But a Mousquetaire Explorer is a problem, as they both give Quick Reflexes.

Do I hold to the general rules of only one of each advantage, or do I use the specific rules of quick reflexes to apply it to two skills?

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Salty Dog
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If I were your GM I would allow you to select a different advantage of equal value because most players will only want Quickness to cover a single combat skill and I would not want you to feel forced to waste points on a redundant advantage you won't get any use out of.

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Page 137, bottom right.  If you have dupes from backgrounds you choose another of the same point cost.

Page 148, top left, only have a given advantage once unless specifically mentioned.

Quick reflexes - says you can take it more than once.

Quick relfexes can be handy for skills other than weaponry, Aim would be good for a combat skill, tempt could be useful in the right circumstances.  As GM I'd probably heavily encourage you to take it with another skill.

(I just put in the page locations to fill my curiosity and familarize myself with where things are.)

"...for it is the deeds of weak and mortal men that may tip the scales one way or the other..."

Star West
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(I just put in the page locations to fill my curiosity and familarize myself with where things are.)

For what it's worth, I like that you do that and I try to do the same. It's good to be able to refer back to a specific place in the book for things like this.

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