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  • by Francesco Panini
  • Tue, 03/13/2018 - 05:50

Hi everyone !

I'm wondering if you guys show Villain's Raises and Danger Points to your players. Do you let your players know how much Danger Points you have left ? Same question for your villain's raises in a scene. And do you tell them how many raises your villains spend on an action ?
Concerning Villains's Raises and Danger Points, what do you hide to your players ? How do you interact with your players about these ?

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Still wracking my brain making sure I understand the Raises mechanics.


If I take the examples they wrote in the core book page 172:


You need 1 raise to go through the room (not optional)

Then another 2 to 'soak' the damage from the fire (optional)

Then another 1 to take the letters (optional)

And finally another one to 'get out of the room sucessfully' (no more fire damage to soak? anyway...)


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  • by Naranja Limones
  • Wed, 03/08/2017 - 09:48

Okay, let's say a character is in an action sequence. He is on the second floor of a large manor, and wants to escape from a group of enemies who are catching up to him from behind. He can jump and swing on a chandelier to stall the pursuit. But he wants it to be a bit of comic relief, so he says he wants to swing, then fall as if he'd failed the roll, and then land in an area where he is surrounded by even more enemies.

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  • by Nightly Vagabond
  • Mon, 11/28/2016 - 01:03

I think I understand action and dramatic sequences well enough.

What confuses me a bit is when, through the course of normal play, a not-so-risky situation arises where a character's talents might be useful, and success or failure both make for potentially interesting twists.

Or perhaps when a single, brief danger is presented.

Let's take an example: A player is talking to a major NPC, but there are facets about this NPC that could lead to a new adventure entirely. However, it's not information the NPC himself is aware of.

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