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Naranja Limones
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Hero Points, Raises, failure and sequences
hero points, action sequence, dramatic sequence, raises

Okay, let's say a character is in an action sequence. He is on the second floor of a large manor, and wants to escape from a group of enemies who are catching up to him from behind. He can jump and swing on a chandelier to stall the pursuit. But he wants it to be a bit of comic relief, so he says he wants to swing, then fall as if he'd failed the roll, and then land in an area where he is surrounded by even more enemies.

If a player decides to put his character in a more difficult situation in the middle of a sequence, does he get a Hero Point as if he decided to fail a roll? Would he have to spend a Raise to do this?

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If the Hero chooses to fail the roll and accept the consequences, I certainly think a Hero Point would be in order. Plus, it's funny and very appropriate to a swashbuckling adventure. :)

P.S. And no, I don't think he should have to spend a Raise. As the core rules describe, I would just have him say something like, "I jump for the chandelier...and miss, and land on the floor with a thud in the middle of my pursuers." Hilarity ensues. :D


Harliquinn Whit...
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This is essentially covered in the "I Fail" rules of the game. The Player gets a Hero Point and the GM determines what happens :)

BluSponge blusp...
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Exactly this!

Lech Górski
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No, he doesn't have to spend a rise. As he fails, he looses all his raises, doesn't complete his approach, suffer all the risk's consequences and cannot create any opportunities.

It's basicly up to GM to narrate the outcome of his actions, but player's choice what bad happens to his character is welcome :). In fact, the more he'd choose to screw himself, the more I'd reward that player :).

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