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Francesco Panini
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Villain's Raises and Danger Points visibility
villains, raises, Danger Points

Hi everyone !

I'm wondering if you guys show Villain's Raises and Danger Points to your players. Do you let your players know how much Danger Points you have left ? Same question for your villain's raises in a scene. And do you tell them how many raises your villains spend on an action ?
Concerning Villains's Raises and Danger Points, what do you hide to your players ? How do you interact with your players about these ?

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Jack Of Shadows
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For me it depends on the action going on.
Raises, because they are integral to the turn order of a round, I at least let them know when the villain is acting, and if the villain is going first due to having more raises or having supernatural speed or something. I think telling them how many raises are spent for actions like wounds and Pressure are important. 
Danger Points get a little more amorphous. I make a show of taking my Danger Points at the beginning, and buying Danger Points, but I tend not to display them or tell them how many I have. I play without a screen, so if they look at my area and see my markers for my DP, then whatever. I definitely let them know when/if I have spent all of them to activate qualities though, because it tends to make them more excited and willing to spend their HP, ironically. 

Do what makes it more dramatic, lol. If you can make it tense for the players in a fun way by displaying how many DP you have, do that. For my group and I let them take the initiative to look, and I might tell them if they ask (its never come up honestly). 

BluSponge blusp...
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Yes, because we were play over Roll20 and I use the Initiative Tracker to track Raises. It makes the accounting so easy that the convinence is worth any mystery I would lose on the back end. Same with Danger Points. In fact, I think the players knowing how big your pool of DP is actually adds tension to the game. But again, to hide them for me is just not worth the trouble it would take.

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