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I just have some rules clarification questions about using multiple raises and damage as it applies to characters who have and who don't have a sword  school. I am in a weekly game we are liking the new edition; but we want to make sure we are doing things right. None of the examples of play in the book show any character using more than one raise at a time.The following issues have come up; and while searching the net we have found conflicting answers. So I ask these:

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  • by Mike Broster
  • Mon, 07/18/2016 - 17:17

Ok so I have an Avalonian Knight with the Legendary major glamour.

I need to lift something really heavy so I want to add my ranks in Legendary to my major trait (Brawn)

How do i do that?

Do I need a raise to use Sorcery? If i do then what raise do i use? As I don't have any till i roll but then it would be too late to add the ranks for the roll. Is it just a matter of spending a hero point? 

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  • by Harliquinn Whit...
  • Mon, 07/11/2016 - 14:41

Question around Action Sequences...

Set Up: Say the group needs to get across a burning room. 

- The goal is to "Get Across the Room" (1 Raise);

- There is a Consequence for each Hero of "Fire damage" (2 Wounds/Raises);

- There is an Opportunity to "Grab the Map" (1 Raise);

- There is a 6 Member Brute Squad (6 Raises) shooting at the Heros as they cross

Question 1) Does it matter in what order the player's declare their Actions and spend Raises in a Round?

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