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Action Sequence Questions (Multiple Rounds)
action sequence, raise, action

Question around Action Sequences...

Set Up: Say the group needs to get across a burning room. 

- The goal is to "Get Across the Room" (1 Raise);

- There is a Consequence for each Hero of "Fire damage" (2 Wounds/Raises);

- There is an Opportunity to "Grab the Map" (1 Raise);

- There is a 6 Member Brute Squad (6 Raises) shooting at the Heros as they cross

Question 1) Does it matter in what order the player's declare their Actions and spend Raises in a Round?

The first Hero goes and has 3 Raises. If he spends his first Raise on succeeding "Get Across the Room", can he then spend a Raise after that on his turn (in order of Remaining Raises) to "Grab the Map"? Flow wise it doesn't make sense to leave the room then grab the map that is inside the room, but dramatically and mechanically it does (You dash back in, grab it and get out).

Question 2) Does a Hero have to spend a Raise in the first Round to 'succeed' on the overall action? Can he/she wait until a 2nd Round to do so (Suffering any consequences from the First Round of course)

Say one Hero only rolls 1 Raise, can they use that Raise to "Grab the Map" instead of escaping the room, suffering the fire damage and potentially being the target for the Brute Squad that round. Then on the next Round, they Roll a new Risk and use those Raises to escape the room?

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Tim Cuave
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My understanding for the questions you are asking is:

1)No, with exception to logical issues, you wrote "1 raise to got o other side of room. If it was to "leave the room" you could argue that leaving the room needs to be the last thing you do, If you want to allow a character in and out as described for comedic flair, or drama, no harm done. Personally I would avoid letting too many retro active decisions occur, that can lead to players not wanting to take consequences for their actions.

2) No, the damage would resolve at the end of the round, and unless timers were given, like "the map burns up at two raises" or "the room will collapse at the end of the round" then they don't have much pressure to chose to succeed. My understanding is if the a player has say two raises, they could chose to mitigate 1 fire damage and grab the map, then roll for more raises after all raises are spent by other heroes.

At that point new dangres could be made, the heat could intensify giving more enviroment damage, or the room could now be on verge of collapse etc.

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I think the first half is situational. If the goal is to leave, things need to be resolved before that is done. If the goal were to hold a position, reach a person or something else, going back can probably be done. The second half depends on timing triggers as Tim mentioned. If there is no risk in collapse on that round, they can stand still and burn if they want. If they want to delay to make sure they get the map, that is their choice. As a GM, you have to decide if the fire leaves a chance on the next round to get out behind the others or cuts the player off forcing a retreat towards those brutes. Eventually, you need to declare a round where they must exit by Action "x" or they fail to get out. But if they want to waste time saving the tea cozy, coasters, and lava lamp in the meantime, they know how many wounds they are taking and must be OK with that.
Harliquinn Whit...
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Thanks all!


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