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  • by Joachim Deneuve...
  • Tue, 05/02/2017 - 07:27

The next book is available on the Kickbacker site.  Some interesting things:

  • Matushka's husband and the people he empowers,
  • untrained Sorte users, 
  • a pretty picture of the new look Freiburg
  • Crescent emigrants in Ussura and Sarmatia
  • Koshchei
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QUOTE: John Wick Presents (published 2017-01-07, Friday)

Hey everyone!

Welcome to 2017… the year of 7th Sea! While we’re thrilled to have released the 7th Sea Core Rulebook in 2016, we’re planning on delivering more than twenty different 7th titles, accessories, maps and releases this year. It’s going to be big! 

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Hey all, checked and found that backerkit has a link to the revised preview for download. and a new link to report things.

Let the games begin (again)

"...for it is the deeds of weak and mortal men that may tip the scales one way or the other..."

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