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Kickstarter Update 45 (Heroes and Villains)
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QUOTE: Mark Diaz Truman (published 2016-11-16, Wednesday)

Hey folks!

Let’s get right to the good stuff: our first sourcebook is finished! Huge thanks to Liz Chaipraditkul (Lead Developer) for getting Heroes & Villains ready for print. 

Heroes & Villains Final Preview 

Earlier today, you should have gotten an email from Backerkit with a link to download the Heroes & Villains Preview (v1). This is the complete book (minus an index and some credits), packed to the brim with 40 Heroes and 40 Villains ready for you to use at your table.

If you don’t get an email, don’t worry: The book should be available to you on your digital downloads page at this link:


If for some reason your Backerkit doesn’t have the file, please message us via Kickstarter and we’ll get it sorted out for you. We’re really excited about this book. And we can’t wait for you all to see it!

Feedback on Heroes & Villains Preview 

While the book is basically ready to go to the printer, we’d love for you all to help us make sure it’s the best book it can be. Your feedback on the Core Rulebook was incredible, and we are excited for you all to give us your thoughts on Heroes & Villains as well.

As before… please don’t email or post in the comments with your feedback. With over 11,000 backers, that would overwhelm our ability to deal with emails and comments. Instead give us feedback via this link by November 20th at 12:00pm Eastern:


Thank you! We hope you enjoy the book! 

7th Sea Production Schedule 

Heroes & Villains isn’t the only project we’ve made progress on this month. Here’s a list of this month’s update to the production schedule (http://johnwickpresents.com/7th-sea-production-schedule/):


  • Heroes & Villains: Layout to Proofing 
  • Pirate Nations: Dev Editing to Copy Editing 
  • Nations of Théah, Vol 1: Dev Editing to Copy Editing 
  • Nations of Théah, Vol 2: Writing to Dev Editing


  • Pirate’s Booty: Proofing to Printer 
  • GM Screen: Copy Editing to Layout 
  • Pirate’s Booty and GM Screen: Adjusted delivery to January 2017 
  • Basic Rules: Adjusted delivery to November 2016 
  • Storium World: Outlining to Writing


  • Daughter of Fate: Copy Editing to Layout 
  • Born Under a Black Flag: Outlining to Writing

As you can see, we’re going to be sending Heroes & Villains to the printer very soon (as soon as you all get a chance to look at it) and nearly all the Pirate’s Booty materials have already been handed over to the printer. We’ll have more updates on exact delivery dates when we get them from our vendors. Look also this month for John’s first novel and the Basic Rules!

The New World Art Preview

While The New World goes through developmental editing, our art staff has been getting the first round of images finalized. Here's the Empress of Kuraq, one of the new Nations featured prominently in the book:

And here's a group of Tzak K'an warriors facing off against a dangerous rock lizard in the jungles of Aztlan:

We'll have more previews of The New World (and the rest of the 7th Sea sourcebooks) in the coming months!

Holiday Closures at JWP 

As we get closer to the holidays, we’d also like to note that we’ll be closed on the following dates:

  • November 23rd - November 27th 
  • December 22nd - January 2nd

We’ve been planning on these closures since earlier this year, so they won’t affect production, but we won’t be responding to email or messages until we return to the office. If you need something, please message us before or after these dates. Thanks!


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