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Kickstarter Update 48 (Production notices) Heroes and Villains print-ready
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QUOTE: Mark Diaz Truman (published 2017-02-09, Thursday)

Production Update: February 2017

Hello everyone!

The year of 7th Sea marches on! We’ve got a bunch of awesome stuff for you today, including print copies of Heroes & Villains, the final PDF of Pirate Nations, a preview of Nations of Théah, Vol 1, updates to the production calendar, and some new 7th Sea: Second Edition community resources. Let’s get started!

Heroes & Villains: Print Copies

Although our printer was also slowed a bit by the holiday season, we finally have all the Heroes & Villains book at our office. Wooo!


As promised, we’ll be running the delivery for these books through our webstore via coupon codes delivered through Backerkit. We’ve already pushed those coupons out via email, but if you didn’t get an email, you can grab your coupon directly from the Backerkit Digital Downloads page:


Getting your book from our website is simple:

  1. Get your coupon from Backerkit

  2. Go to the product page [LINK] on our website

  3. Add the coupon to your order at checkout

  4. We’ll ship the book to you right away

Note that your coupon entitles you to free shipping on your book, which applies to any other books you add to your order as well (like an additional Core Rulebook or any other JWP product!) This coupon is also good for one year, so you can wait to use it if you’re about to change your address or want more than one book delivered at a time.

And if you didn’t yet purchase a physical copy of Heroes & Villains and want to pick one up… now is a great time to buy your copy direct from our webstore:


Once again, huge thanks to Liz C. and her amazing writers for making this book awesome!

Pirate Nations on DTRPG

As we wrap up Heroes & Villains, it’s also time for us to finalize the Pirate Nations PDF. Stay tuned to your Backerkit Digital Downloads page for a link to download the Pirate Nations PDF from DriveThruRPG.

We’re going to be making a few changes to this PDF (including a new index) before it goes live on DTRPG next week, but we didn’t want you all to have to wait any longer to get the newest release of the book!

Thanks again to all our backers for their help in proofing and preparing these files for print. We’re thrilled to say that the book is already at the printer, and we’ll be delivering print copies in late March!

Nations of Théah, Vol 1 Preview

Now that Pirate Nations is at the printer, it’s time for our next sourcebook: Nations of Théah, Vol 1. Our writing staff, led by developer Danielle Lauzon, has been hard at work on both volumes of these books, and we’re pumped to get this copy into your hands. To that end, we’ve sent out a preview copy via Backerkit already today!

If you don’t get an email, don’t worry: The book should be available to you on your digital downloads page at this link:


If for some reason your Backerkit doesn’t have the file, please message us via Kickstarter and we’ll get it sorted out for you. We can’t wait to get your feedback on our newest book!

As before… please don’t email or post in the comments with your feedback. With over 11,000 backers, that would overwhelm our ability to deal with emails and comments. Instead give us feedback via this link by February 19th at 10:00pm Eastern:


We’ll be sending this book to the printer in early March, so look for final PDFs then and actual books by the end of April! (And look for Nations of Théah, Vol 2 in March as well...)

Production Update: Feb 2017

All of our staff has been back in the office for a few weeks now, so we’ve made some great progress this month getting new projects up and running while wrapping up Pirate Nations and our first Nations of Théah preview. Here’s the production update for February:


  • Heroes & Villains: COMPLETE
  • Pirate Nations: Proofing to At Print (see above)
  • Nations of Théah, Vol 1: Adjusted delivery to February 2017
  • Nations of Théah, Vol 2: Adjusted delivery to March 2017
  • The Crescent Empire: Writing to Dev Editing, delivery set to April 2017
  • The Colonies: Outlining to Writing
  • Secret Societies: Outlining to Writing
  • Cities of Faith: Outlining to Writing


  • GM Screen: Proofing to At Printer
  • Basic Rules: COMPLETE (see below)

Huge thanks this month to Lenny Balsera, our new Creative Director. Not only has Lenny made it possible for our team to get caught up on projects like Pirate Nations, but he’s also helping us get new projects started on time. We’ve got three new books that launched so far this year!

Community Resource: 7th Sea Basic Rules

As we promised during the Kickstarter, we’ve put together a set of Basic Rules for 7th Sea that are now freely available to the public. These rules cover Théah as a setting, character creation, and the rules for playing the game, making 7th Sea’s core mechanics and setting available to anyone with an internet connection.

You can find the Basic Rules here:

7th Sea Basic Rules [LINK]

Please spread the word about the Basic Rules! We’re excited to make these resources available to new players, and we hope they make it easier than ever for you recruit Heroes for adventures in the world of 7th Sea!

Community Resource: 7th Sea Wiki

In addition to releasing the Basic Rules, we’ve also set up a 7th Sea: Second Edition fan wiki on Wikia:


We’re always excited to see fans come together to share resources and talk about the amazing world of 7th Sea. To facilitate those conversations, we’ve set up the basic infrastructure for a 7th Sea wiki on Wikia and we’d like you (the fans) to help us make it an awesome resource.

A few quick rules:

  • Please don’t directly copy/paste material from the books! We’re happy to have people paraphrase the content (and even create timelines of events), but we’d like to avoid folks directly copying material onto the wiki.
  • Be good to each other! If folks are jumping in to help edit and contribute to the wiki, try to be welcoming and kind to their efforts. We're all Heroes here...
  • Chart your own path! We've seeded the wiki with some early pages to get things moving, but we're excited to see what you all do with the material. If you want to create a cool page to track all the bars in Théah or collect all the material on Montaigne fashion... go for it!

That was a lot! And we’ve got more coming later this month, including more sea shanties, the launch of the Explorer’s Society on DriveThruRPG… and more fiction from John Wick himself!

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