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Cthulhu Netobvious
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QA: What is the 7th Sea
developers, core rules, themes


I know enough about the game, even all of the silly old metaplot, but iv'e never been able to find out what was the eponymous 7th sea.


COMMENTARY: From the Second Edition

[–]robjustice(Rob Justice)

7th Sea: Second Edition. Page 96.

Lastly, many sailors speak of a place where the sun and moon shine in the same sky, where the stars go backward and the waters turn to silver. This “seventh sea” is the source of much discussion within Théah’s scholarly community. Sailors tell stories of sailing the silvery waters for days with no sign of land in sight until finally, the sky and waters suddenly snap back and the ship is thousands of miles off course.

A recent archæological discovery may hold the key to the Seventh Sea. The Explorer’s Guild is calling it an “alchemical compass,” and they believe that the Syrne used it to sail the mysterious sea. If their claims are true, it could open the door to a new world.


Some scholars suggest the seventh sea is a doorway to other worlds. Others believe it may be the home of creatures such as the Sidhe and Matushka, that perhaps these creatures are exiles of the seventh sea and live here now.

The discovery of the alchemical compass opens unique opportunities for Théans brave enough to risk the waters of the seventh sea. Are there treasures to be found? Adventures to be had? Only time will tell.


COMMENTARY: From the First Edition

[–]robjustice(Rob Justice)

7th Sea: 1st Edition -Players Guide. Page 15.

The Seventh Sea

There are six seas surrounding Théah. The mythical “seventh sea” is considered little more than a sailor’s story, a tale to frighten cabin boys on their first voyage. It is said that when a ship enters the seventh sea, the stars move backwards, the sun and moon share the same horizon and strange cries can be heard from beneath the waves. While scholars dispute the veracity of the sailors’ stories, too many have surfaced to be ignored.

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Tobie Abad
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In my game, I've decided it was the Bleed.

Clearly, I'm a fan of Planetary and Authority far too much.

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Pirates of the Caribbean 3... With more crabs and fewer peanuts.
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