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For my very first 7th Sea adventure I've decided to run "The Caliberi Letters." It looks fun, is short enough for one game night and looks like a great introductory adventure (in fact, I think it should be a part of the corebook). But I have some questions:

1) Scene 1: It's mostly roleplaying etc., no questions here, except: when did the War finished? I know it was a 30 year long conflict, but how long ago did it finish? In fact, what year is it (I assume there is an official storyline but I can't find it). For a quasi-historical setting, some dates would be nice.

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Could someone upload a homemade adventure they've created so I can get an idea of how to organise and write one up?

The only one I've seen is the quickstart adventure and that's not fully compatible so if trips me up somewhat. 

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Alright everyone, I'm calling on the collective powers that be here to help make this happen. I've just signed on to run a one shot demo of 7th Sea for my teen library program. In all, I'm expecting between 6 and 12 players (take that Sal!) for an event that will run roughly 2:30 hours.  I have just under a month to plan this out, and I'm gonna need some help.

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  • by Mark Lundequist
  • Mon, 07/04/2016 - 08:25

Read somewhere on the forums about getting a published adventure created. Yes there are examples in the rulebook for action and dramatic sequences and the quickstart game was pretty cool; perhaps have a few published adventures kinda explaining more if the rules is what some of us may need to get a better understanding of the rules, even if they are PDFs.  With everyone talking about house ruling this and that, maybe we need a few adventures so some of us can get a better grasp of truly how this new system is to be run as.

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  • by Alfredo Tarancón
  • Sat, 06/25/2016 - 16:55

So I'm planning a one-shot for the rpgconvention in my town in a few weeks, and I'm thinking of making it happen in a Bermuda triangle/Demon's Sea/Sargasso Sea equivalent in Theah, with maybe a cemetery of ghost ships, a few marine monsters and some strange Syrneth artifact that makes the PC get there against their will...

Thing is... was there ever something of the like in the 1st edition??

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