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Tobie Abad
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The Children Cry

Was curious to know who has purchased it and tried it?

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I just picked it up. I haven't finishsed reading it all the way through, but I must say I really like the modular scene format used here and in the scenario "The Castle." It's very helpful in giving a GM flexibility in running the adventure for characters with different backgrounds.

Tobie Abad
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Thank you for the kind words. Admittedly, its a bit more linear than The Castle, but I admittedly wanted to try to make it work like some of the old school modules. But I do hope you like it.

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I've been reading more of the scenario, and really liking it...it's a nifty story and a bit different from what one would expect set in La Bucca. I haven't had a chance to run it yet, but it would work really well for the Hero of one of my friends if the character travels from Eisen to La Bucca. 



(spoiler below)




(still down below)


(all the way to Davy Jone's locker)




(Please stop reading if you don't want an important plot point revealed)




(OK I warned you...)



...given the nature of the villain and his weapon, I think this would be a really good scenario to incorporate into a Die Kreuzritter Hero's Dracheneisen quest!

Tobie Abad
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So happy you liked it. 
Thank you for purchasing it.


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