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Luis M. Rebollar
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Tir-Nan-Og, the Sidhe and the Sirne
theah, adventure

Hi, everyone!

I'm brewing an adventure to GM 7th Sea on Halloween, inspired in the first Pirates of the Caribbean movie. Since we don't have enough information yet to play in the New World, I'm considering how to insert a cursed pirate crew out of the coasts of Théah. I initially thought of place the action in ghostly Eisen and The Maw or Grumfather Bay, related with the ruins of an ancient Sirne city. But then it ocurred to me that maybe it would work better with kind of a Sidhe Curse and a sunken city. I mean, I thought about using Tir-Nan-Og, and wondered if there's some paralell in Théah (there seems to be a paralell for everything) out in one of the 1st edition books. Also, thinking about the source of the curse I wondered about the relationship between the Sidhe and the Sirne, if there's one. Any discussion, indications or even suggestions to spice the adventure will be more than welcomed. Cheers!

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Joachim Deneuve...
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If you have the 1st ed books, it's probably worth looking in a couple of places: Sidhe Book of Nightmares and Strongholds.

What there is, is Bryn Bresail, but that's more like another plane.  You could just have Unseelie Sidhe working for Queen Mab, there's an encounter with a shipful of them in one of the early adventures.  I'm tempted to say that it appears in L'Ile du Bete one.

Luis M. Rebollar
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Thanks, Joachim. Indeed I have the 1st ed books in pdf. Checking the Sidhe book, Bryn Bresail seems a little too hardcore, but I'll consider while I read more. A crew of Unseelie could be a nice choice of oponents, though...

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Bryn Bresail is definitely Tir Na Nog, but if you want something that there is less canon information on, you could always use "The 7th sea" instead. There isn't much on The 7th sea so if you have people experienced in Thèah they might not know as much about The 7th sea. Check page 65 in the 1e players guide for inspiration. 

In 1e the Sidhe were very anti-syrneth, and may have been responsible for/helped with establishing the Barrier. There is no Barrier in 2e so it may have changed. 

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