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Ethan Brown
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What time period is 2e in?
timeline, help, setting

I see that 1st edition is based around 1668.  When is 2e based around?  More importantly I suppose is how long has it been since the War of the Cross has ended.  Thank you.

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Joachim Deneuve...
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I shall quote page 14 of the Core rulebook:

"This is Théah in 1668 AV (Anno Veritas)!"

BluSponge blusp...
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According to the Nations of Theah books, the War of the Cross occurred 20 years ago.

Personally, though, I feel this undermines some of the horror of Eisen. It just feels like too long a time for Eisen to still be wallowing in blood, mud, and monsters. In my game, I haven’t been asked to specify, but I’d shorten that timeframe to something more like 5-10 years. It won’t really change much in the way of the source material.

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If your question is 'how much time has passed since 1st edition' then I've got bad news for you.


In contrary with most RPG, 7th Sea did not go the classic 'let's fix the rules, add new content and advance the clock a bit' but instead decided to throw away both the system AND the entire content through the window and start everything over because reasons.


So no, 2nd Edition is NOT a continuation of the first one, they rewrote the entire thing into something eerily familiar but still dissimilar enough to render more than 30 books of canon content worthless. As for the game mechanic, they did their level best to not have one.


The setting is still awesome, it's just... why?!?

Jack Of Shadows
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I, too, go with a ten year timeframe since the War of the Cross ended. Beofre it was stated differently, I honestly thought that was the timeframe in the books. 

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