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Lexi Conjurer
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Wanting To Be A Team Player
character creation, help, advice

I'm going to be playing 7th Sea soon for the first time and this seemed like the best place to get some help. I don't have a solid concept in my head right now but I know that what I want to do, primarily, is help the rest of the group. I hope that the more experienced players and GMs here can give me some advice on building a character and playing such a character (by which I mean 'what sort of things I should do to help'). Any help that you can offer is appreciated.

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Joachim Deneuve...
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The most obvious thing is being willing to spend your HP for the rest of the party, so possibly don't take many Knack advantaes, which use those.  Other than that, there are a number of advantages that help others as much or more than you:

  • Helping Hand - boost another's pool, 1/session (missed first time)
  • Survivalist - keep the party fed.
  • Bodyguard - protect someone.
  • Fascinate - distract a target so that the rest of the group can act.
  • Oh Captain, My Captain - inspiring leader at sea
  • Valiant Spirit - more Hero Points to spend on them.
  • Team Player - activate opportunities you create for someone else (cheaper for Nahuans)
  • An Honest Misunderstanding - rescue PCs from social gaffes.
  • Brains of the Outfit - the bonus dice you give with HP are increased
  • Camaraderie - likewise, but in a different way. (Cheaper for Montaignans)
  • Go on Without Me - pull a Gandalf
  • The Ocean's Favourite - like a cross between Camaraderie and Oh Captain...
  • Lead by Example - help people who roll poorly if they do what you do (Cheaper for Aksumites)
  • We Share Our Victories - bonus HP for helping others complete their stories. (Cheaper for Jaraguans)

The other thing to do is pick a Virtue which helps others

  • Passionate lets you take wouds for someone else
  • Altruistic lets you take any sort of Consequence for someone else
  • Commanding lets you give everyone else HP
  • Humble (Crescent version) lets you give everyone else raises in exchange for your own
  • Captivating lets you focus attention on you

Looking at the above there appear to be a couple of obvious routes you can take the character down:

  • the lead from the front type, with all sorts of things that give benefits to people who you are leading
  • the advisor type, (maybe a bit like Alfred from Batman) who just helps everyone will not being personally as effective
  • the distraction, with a set of "look at me" stuff that prevents the enemy from acting against everyone else.

Have you given any thought to nationality?  Some of the Advantages are cheaper for a particular nation, and some backgrounds may let you get more of the advantages than others, and inform the rest of the character by the other Advantages and skills they get.

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