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Luis Olmeda
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Sorte and Hero Points

Hi everyone!

One of my players, a Sorte Strega, came to me with a question:

In the Sorte´s sorcery rules the book says that when a Strega uses a Tessere, she spends a Hero Point and takes at least 1 Lash. But, when you read the different Tesse, in some of them tells you explicitly to spend the hero point, and in others they don´t say nothing about spending the point, so... What´s the correct rule? Do you have to spend a hero point in all Tessere, or just in the ones that explicitly tell you to spend it?

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Jack Of Shadows
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Because Sorcery in general requires the xpenditure of an HP to activate their effects, I would go with each use of Sorte requires the HP. 

At least all the sorcery I remember does, and I don't remember ones that don't. I think it was possibly just an assumption on the writer's part that the spending of the HP was already required. I agree it does seem weird though. 

Star West
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I consider the "How it Works" to be a generalized summary of how the sorcery works and expect that the explicit details will be defined with each specific mechanic, so I'd go with whatever each Tessere specifically says.

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