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QA: Ship Combat
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With Brute Squads you receive damage equal to the size of the Squad, but what about enemy ships, what damage do they inflict with their cannons?


[–]kckrupp (veteran)

Crew Squads (they're different the regular Brute Squads) roll Raises and get to take 1 Action per Round where they must spend all of their Raises at once. They do NOT deal wounds at the end of the Round like a normal Brute Squad.

So, based on the Action you decide the Crew to take, that will determine the number of Wounds.

i.e. The Magpie's crew has 5 Raises this Round. The Master Gunner bellows "Fire!" sending 5 Wounds of to her opponent, the Hedge Pin.

I could be remembering the rules incorrectly, but I can't go and double check at the moment. I think you CAN always use Crew Raises to prevent Wounds to the Ship (so you could spend 2 Raises to Defend and 3 Raises to Attack), but you can't do anything more than that in the same Round (i.e. you couldn't Attack the opponent's Crew and Attack the opponent's ship in the same Round.)

So the ships themselves do not deal wounds, it is the Heroes, Crews, and Villains on the ships that inflict the Wounds to the opposing ships or ship crews by spending their Raises.

[–]7thSea_devMichael Curry 

This is correct -- Ships don't roll dice, the Ship's crew and Heroes roll dice and spend their Raises to protect the Ship, or make the Ship take actions.

Also, while I can't go into details, I can tell you that there are some SUPER COOL new Ship rules coming out soon, and that doesn't make me arrogant because I didn't write the new ones.

I'm also not really sure I can say who DID write them, but I can assure you it wasn't me and the person who did write them is a name that you'll probably recognize.

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