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Giasone Vodocci
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Linguist and new Languages
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The Linguist advantage in the Core book states that it allows the owner to read, write and speak all Thean languages, even dead one.

But now we have plenty of non-Thean languages and options for Heroes who are only just learning about that part of Terra. So what languages do you think aren't covered by the (Thean) Linguist advantage and which ones do you think would be consolidated for an alternative for those culture groupings?

For example, does (modern) Numian make sense for both the Cresent group, Theans and the Atabean? (Yes, imo).

List so far:

The Atabean Languages (from Pirate Nations)

  • Taiya (Rahuri central language, trade tongue)
  • Ruhari tribal tongues (various, implied)
  • Patwa Haragwen (creole -West Ifri and Montaigne) - Jaragua national tongue

The Cresent Langauges

  • Dibre (Sarmion's native language)
  • Katabic (secondary/trade language of the empire)
  • Persic (native language of Persis)

The New World Languages

  • Tzak Kani (Written only; many city-states have their own spoken language)
  • Nahuacan* (could not remember if it had a special name, will check on second read through)
  • Old Azlanti (dead)
  • Kuraq* (not read that chapter yet)

The Ifri languages

  • basis for Patwa Haragwen

The Kithai Languages

  • Agnivarson
  • Fuso
  • Han
  • Kammerra
  • Kiwa
  • Nagaja
  • Shenzhou
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Joachim Deneuve...
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It's tempting to put Patwa Haragwen into Ifri and Thean, since it is unrelated to the rest of the Atabean.

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