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  • by Giasone Vodocci
  • Fri, 09/29/2017 - 00:29

The Linguist advantage in the Core book states that it allows the owner to read, write and speak all Thean languages, even dead one.

But now we have plenty of non-Thean languages and options for Heroes who are only just learning about that part of Terra. So what languages do you think aren't covered by the (Thean) Linguist advantage and which ones do you think would be consolidated for an alternative for those culture groupings?

For example, does (modern) Numian make sense for both the Cresent group, Theans and the Atabean? (Yes, imo).

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Question after reading "Born Under A Black Flag":

Is "Old Thean" in the Core Rules the same language as "Numan" in the novel? "Old Thean" is described as a "common" language spoken in all Thean nations, and "Numan" appears to be a similar common language in the novel for various groups in the Atabean Sea. But I wasn't sure if they are the same language using two different names, or two separate languages. 


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  • by Antti Kautiainen
  • Thu, 05/11/2017 - 15:19


I would like to see international phonetic representations of Sarmatian special letters, as for non-Native speakers of English the way English speakers use for pronounciation is really hard for non-natives. Could the author give us International Phonetic version of pronounciation?

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