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Kickstarter Update 54 (Errors in Heroes and Villains cards)
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Hello everyone! 

We’re so excited to see backers getting their Pirate Booty’s boxes… but we’ve got some bad news. We’ve gotten several reports of misprints in both the Deck of Heroes and the Deck of Villains, and we’ve confirmed with our printer that those misprints occurred in all printed copies of the decks. 

Printing Error: Deck of Heroes and Deck of Villains 

The error is easy to miss. In both decks, one of the card fronts has been repeated. Here are some pictures:

Missing Sakse Card


Missing Marrok Card

We are, unsurprisingly, not pleased with our printer. We’ve spent months working on the Pirate Booty boxes to make them an awesome addition to the 7th Sea: Second Edition line, and we are frustrated to get hit with a problem like this so late in the cycle. 

That said, our printer has promised to make this right. We’re going to be shipping the missing cards (one per deck) to everyone, and they’re going to print up new decks to replace the ones we haven’t shipped out yet. Our hope is that we see all of this resolved before Gen Con 50 in August.  

Right now, we’re still sorting out the details… but we’ll get more information from our printer soon. In the meantime, we’ll keep talking to the printer until everyone gets the missing cards! 

Thank you so much for your patience with us on this one. Kickstarter give us an amazing opportunity to work with fans to create something unique and amazing… but it also means that you all have a front row seat to the trials and tribulations of printing games. We promise that we’re going to get this right, and we hope to do so quickly...and we really appreciate you all trusting us enough to wait for us to get these missing cards resolved! 

Shipping Error: Sorte Promo Cards 

Due to an unrelated issue at the warehouse, a few dozen backers were shipped a stack of promo Sorte cards instead of the appropriate add-on (usually the Deck of Villainy). The shipper has sent you a package with the correct add-on and a pre-paid return envelope to send the promo cards back to us. We’re (again) sorry for the error! 

Shipping Update: International Orders 

Our international orders are moving along smoothly, but we know folks are getting anxious. We’re going to get tracking numbers next week for most shipments, so please stay patient and keep your eyes peeled for more info on those international shipments. We’re still planning on having them out to folks by the end of June. 

While we could wait to finalize these international shipments until we get the corrected decks, we're concerned that you all might end up waiting longer than expected if we hit any snags. For now, we're going to proceed with delivering all packages; we'll get the replacement cards out to you when they come in from China.

Thanks again to everyone for their support this month! We’ve got a lot of great news coming soon, including the Storium Deck, the launch of War of the Cross (June 20th!), and print copies of Nations of Théah: Volume 2 (July 10th!)...

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