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Wyrd GM
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Heroic Story Steps
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One of the things I enjoy about Apocalypse World is a feature that begins at the start of each session. Each player has several stats, and another player and the GM each pick one apiece. These attributes are then tagged, and if used during the game, earn experience. This is a method of asking a player to show a side of themselves during that game.

While I believe the GM has enough ability to do this, I thought it might be a fun experiment to ask my players to try another method of determining steps in personal stories.

A player will decide on the start the story, and develop the end step, but for larger stories, I am going to ask other players to contribute the middle steps.

This came about due to some of my players thinking it was my responsibility to decide their steps for them.

I understand that some players will want to remain the ultimate authors of their own story; however, for those that use this method, I think this will be a fun option to foster group storytelling.

That being said, I plan to make this optional.

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This works for groups that co-operate well. Adversarial groups or certain weasels I know would use it to either block or ruin another player's character. And there is yet another faction that do not care enough about other players to put the effort in. But with players in the right mindset, you are absolutely on a good track.
Wyrd GM
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Yeah, I tend to not play with people who purposefully block or hinder another character unless that is the game we decided on (Session 0 for a win). More relevant, for my group anyway, would be the potential apathy towards someone elses story... well, less apathy, and more phoning it in if they were distracted. But all those points are valid points, depending on the group your are playing with. 

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