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One of the things I enjoy about Apocalypse World is a feature that begins at the start of each session. Each player has several stats, and another player and the GM each pick one apiece. These attributes are then tagged, and if used during the game, earn experience. This is a method of asking a player to show a side of themselves during that game.

While I believe the GM has enough ability to do this, I thought it might be a fun experiment to ask my players to try another method of determining steps in personal stories.

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  • by Lech Górski
  • Tue, 03/14/2017 - 17:32

Hi guys!

The very first time I've been reading through "making a hero" chapter, I've been amazed how many ideas for a hero I had. I wasn't a fan of swashbucklers and this genre was quite new for me, but after reading that chapter, my head was full of all that cool ideas. I'd love to see a place, where people could share theirs.

I'm a web developer. I'm thinking about creating a website, where you could:

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