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Dale Milander
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Glamour Question
glamour, sorcery, Avalon

I have a few questions about Glamour.  I was going to make a Knight of Avalon and choose Saewine the Sailor and she has Major Panache and a Minor in Finesse.  So my first question is am I locked in to taking only Panache, Finesse, and Luck?  Secondly if I am locked in to just those three can I take a minor panache or a Major Finesse?  I ask because I can see the Major Panache Glamour Subsume Ship going well together with the Minor Panache Glamour Mend Ship for a ship glamour mage.

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You are restricted to the two traits AND Luck. I hope there is a clarification on the major selection. You may certainly take Minors from your Major Trait. A Major ability for the minor trait... Unsure. As a GM, I would consider allowing at most one exception and may even restrict that by charging a minor point as well.
Dale Milander
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Salamanca, Thanks for getting back to me and I thought I would be be restricted to 2 traits and luck just wanted to be sure on that.  Also it is good to know there is no problem taking minor Glamour from your major trait. 

Yeah I can see the possibility to add an option for exchanging a major for a minor but I am not sure it would be a serious game balance issue.  On one hand it just seems kind of costly to burn major's to get other minor glamour considering it would be hard to get significant ranks in most of them to be really useful.  On the other hand things like Sense Sorcery you don't really need a lot of ranks in to be useful.  To be honest I am not sure how it would affect game balance really if that's allowed.

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I was talking of charging a major AND minor slot for a Major ability in your minor trait. And none of it should break a game because you need to keep buying sorcery advantages to raise ranks where they are needed (such as the luck traits that are lousy at rank 1)
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As it is written, I would assume that you can pull Major abilities from your Minor trait, but it is unclear (perhaps on purpose?). I don't see any issue with pulling Major Glamour from a minor trait, for the same reason Salamanca mentions: you need to keep buying Sorcery advantages to raise ranks. I would be tempted to enforce that your Major Glamour must come from your Major Trait, or possibly even doing the number game to state that your Minor Trait can't have ranks higher than your major trait, but I think that'd be more up to GM caveat and gameplay approach.

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James Anderson
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One thing that I'm seeing as a minor complication (noticed while programing)

There's an odd number of traits you can take.  Either 5 if only from your minor ability and luck, or 7 if you're acepting Major abilities.  But you're supposed to get two every time you choose "New traits" instead of "More ranks".  This means that when you take your 3rd major (or 4th) you're getting short-changed on the minor.

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The only restriction I'm seeing is in the Luck glamour. Minor Luck Glamours only work for your minor Trait, and Major Luck Glamours only work for your major Trait (pg214).

Since the other Glamours don't have this specific wording, it is safe to assume this restriction doesn't exist for them.

The Fezig
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Is there a Word of God ruling on the RAW on this? My group has been trying to figure it out and right now we have settled on:

You can take Major or Minors from your Major

You can take Minors from your Minor

Luck follows your Major and Minor

This feels balanced and we are ready to roll with it this way, but I really want to give the game a try the 1st time around sticking close to the RAW before we start playing with things and changing rules. I haven't been able to find an FAQs or anything that touches on this. Help?

Luis Olmeda
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As I understood in the rules, you can only pick major glamours from your major trait, and minor glamours from your minor trait. If you can pick major and minor glamours from your major trait, why is the difference?

"The first time your Hero takes the Sorcery Advantage, you choose one Major Glamour and two Minor Glamours connected with the Traits your Knight embodies,  all starting at Rank 1. Every additional time you take the Sorcery Advantage you may either select new Glamours or increase the Rank of one Major Glamour and two Minor Glamours".

But now after reading your arguments I think I´m missing something. I´m confuse...frown

Rob Justice
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In my original draft I wrote:

Each Knight has two Traits they connect with, one Major Trait and one Minor Trait. For every point spent on the Glamour Knight Advantage, you get one Major point and one Minor point to buy Glamours. Glamours are connected with a Trait and you may only purchase Traits that are connected to your Knight.

Example: If you are the new Dunstan, the Dark Knight, you can purchase Major Panache Glamours and Minor Brawn Glamours.

I think that's clearer, but to be crystal; My original intent was that you can only buy Major Glamour from your Major Trait and Minor Glamours from your Minor Trait. Luck being the exception in that every Knight can buy Majors and Minors from that list.

I do not know if my original intent was changed intentionally, lost in translation when editing, or something else. Also, I'm not confident that my original intent was the right intent. It feels unnecessarily restrictive in light of other sorceries (I'm looking at you Sanderis) and this is partly because Knights were the first sorcery written. Often times in the design process I would restrict something and then walk it back until it fell in line with other similar things. My thought is that it's easier to restrict early and loosen the reigns then to start loose and try to tighten up later.

All of that said, here's your "Word of God ruling on the RAW" (I'm going to go ahead and consider myself an authority because I wrote the Glamour Knights):

Sorcery is intended to be powerful. The published rules allow for several interpretations and as long as you are consistent at your table in your interpretations then you won't see a problem. Do whatever you're going to have more fun with.

(I know that's not the answer you want and I know it sounds like a "cop out." But it's the answer I'm most comfortable with.)

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