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  • by Donovan Morningfire
  • Wed, 12/28/2016 - 13:36

So after both reading and seeing the new Glamour rules in play, coming to find that while the idea of tying Avalon's Glamour to specific Knights is a neat idea, it just doesn't seem to really be all that memorable.

In the one campaign I'm in where we have a Glamour mage (an Inish bard), he actually found the "mantle of an Avalon Knight" to be a bit stiffling, especialy as Inismore has (going by the general fluff in the corebook) honored the Sidhe and the "old ways" even when Avalon itself had fallen under the sway of foreign powers.

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  • by Dale Milander
  • Sat, 06/11/2016 - 18:08

I have a few questions about Glamour.  I was going to make a Knight of Avalon and choose Saewine the Sailor and she has Major Panache and a Minor in Finesse.  So my first question is am I locked in to taking only Panache, Finesse, and Luck?  Secondly if I am locked in to just those three can I take a minor panache or a Major Finesse?  I ask because I can see the Major Panache Glamour Subsume Ship going well together with the Minor Panache Glamour Mend Ship for a ship glamour mage.

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