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Tilly Bomas
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First Character 2nd Ed

Alright.  Having an idea what I wanted to make, I went through and read a slight bit about the SCW, then skipped most everything else to the character creation section.  Then, step by step, made this character, not even looking at what advantages did, based off background name and description alone.  The only thing I have up in the air currently, is Virtue and Hubris.  I have two selections each, that could work for the character.  But here he is :)


Sarmatian Scholar

Brawn: 2
Finesse: 3 (or 2)
Resolve: 2
Wits: 3 (or 4)
Panache: 3
Background 1: Archeologist

Quirk: Earn a HP when you turn an artifact of value to a university/museum/ect


Signature Item:
Eagle Eyes:

Athletics: 1
Convince: 1
Notice: 1
Scholarship: 1
Theft: 1

Background 2: Zynys (Soothsayer)
Quirk: Earn a HP when you use something Evil for Good



Athletics: 1
Convince: 1
Perform: 1
Scholarship: 1
Weaponry: 1

Skills: (with the 10 points)

Athletics: 3 (1 point)
Convince: 3 (1 point)
Hide: 3 (3 points)
Notice: 3 (2 points)
Perform: 1 (0 points)
Scholarship: 3 (1 point)
Theft: 2 (1 point)
Weaponry 2 (1 point)

Advantages: (With 5 points worth)

Sorcery Sanderis (Knowledge)
Sorcery Sanderis (Darkness)
Signature Item
Eagle Eyes
Cast Iron Stomach

Virtue: Wily, Friendly, 

Hubris: Curious, Envious

Story: Will come up with later

Secret Society: Explorers Society



Guess I should also say, rich is up in the air as well.  I was thinking him a noble, but, I had also considered him having: Time Sense, Direction Sense, Leadership.  SO perhaps given what I have provided some opinions can surface?  

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I would skip Rich. There are better options that could help you. I would swap the cast iron stomach for direction sense. Then I would take a multiple point advantage. For the virtue and hubris, I would take Wily and Curious for an Archaeologist. But Friendly is handy too.
Tilly Bomas
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Well, skipping rich would give me 3... so what would you suggest instead?  Also, Cast Iron Stomach is one I want him to have, as was Survivalist... he learned even without money he could survive, and it would help during excavations that go wrong.  Why time and Direction sense were on my mind.. and leadership for having been in charge of such expeditions before... but rich would (IMO) help during non-expedition related things, and social settings.

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Money is such an abstract item in this game you can get around it.  You can Convince, Tempt or Intimidate someone into giving you what you need.  Even taking The Barterer advantage used to get it at the price you can afford or by trading for something you found or speculate on finding will gain you an extra hero point over Rich.

As for other options: Handy, Perfect Balance, Dynamic Approach and Quick Reflexes can all be a life saver in your character's line of work.

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