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BluSponge blusp...
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Destiny Spread

Has anyone ever distilled all the destiny spreads from 1st edition into a single, coherent group?

Chances are I'm going to be running 7th Sea in the near future and kinda like the idea of using the destiny spread to determine past and present events for characters. Not so much the free abilities the destiny spread originally imparted though.

I'm also thinking a version of the destiny spread for creating interesting villains.


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Joachim Deneuve...
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Yes!  Kinda.  I distilled my own set of 4 suits, then applied each nation to two of the suits.  Does that count?  Here it is.

Every result was balanced with each other, although some of it will need to be completely re-worked for 2E, but if all you want is the backstory stuff, it should help.


Edit: By distilled, I mean looked at all versions of the same suit and picked 10 generic-enough things.

BluSponge blusp...
BluSponge blusponge@verizon.net's picture

Sweet!  Thanks Joachim!

More and more, I'm eyeing the Past draw from the destiny spread as a tool for creating interesting villains.  Reading over the different offerings, I find a lot of them work perfectly for it once you take away the benefits and blur some of the details.  Used randomly, they can generate some very unique fascets for villains that add some real depth.  After all, the best villains could have been heroes if they had just taken a different turn.

After pulling everything from the PDFs, I'm thinking of having one big % with subtables for each of the different Nations (plus Brotherhood of the Coast for Pirate characters).  

Looking forward to seeing how you've done it.

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