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Jocker Ahissou
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Character Sheets (image version)
character sheet, character

Hello all,

Here a character sheet i made. Sorry, first time charing something online so i made with image link.

Any comment is welcome.

Thx and see ya.




And here for french version




Ps : A pencil writing on and erasing isn't a deal and you won't erase many thing ^_^

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EbonWarlock's picture

Wow!  These are just beautiful character sheets... 


Very nice work. Thank you for these

Jocker Ahissou
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Happy to help. Sorry i don't know how to make direct Dl link.

Salamanca's picture

very nicely done.  not sure I want to go nuts with printing the image for my players but for me...

Julien Mondoloni
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Oh my god !

Felicitations, me suis 'fracturé un oeil". C'est très réussi :)

Jocker Ahissou
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Ah merci

L'important dans seventh sea c'est le panache et l'apparence. J'ose croire que ces feuilles donnerons l'envi de faire des  héros enpanachés ^_^ 





Savinien De Cyrano
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Elles sont génial tes fiches.

Tu nous fais la deux et la trois en VF. ;)

A la fin de l'envoi, je touche.

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