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Atabean Languages

Question after reading "Born Under A Black Flag":

Is "Old Thean" in the Core Rules the same language as "Numan" in the novel? "Old Thean" is described as a "common" language spoken in all Thean nations, and "Numan" appears to be a similar common language in the novel for various groups in the Atabean Sea. But I wasn't sure if they are the same language using two different names, or two separate languages. 


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I've been giving players the choice between the two: old Thean or Numanari. I figure it's the difference between Greek and Latin. Any scholar of note in the era will know both, but I think it adds flavor to the world (and heroes) to keep them separate.

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I wasn't sure because Numa was definitely the Rome expy in 1st edition, but now it's the Greece expy.

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