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Anyone played or know Earthdawn?

I was thinking, seeing how you're supposed to research/explore (i.e. go on side quests) to learn the lore that unlocks an Earthdawn magic item's powers, this would seem to be ideal for a 7th Age campaign. For example:

Rank 1: Learn the name of the smith who forged the weapon

Power: glows when monsters within 30'

Rank 2: Learn the name of the last monster the weapon destroyed

Power: +1 Wound

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I am quite disappointed by the Dracheneisen as written in the core book of the second edition: Basically removing something special and unique to 7th Sea 1st edition (in terms of how it is implemented in the setting) and replacing it by your average magical weapon. Also the Gothic value of Dracheneisen pieces of armour in 1st edition was awesome..

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