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Luis Olmeda
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Duelist Maneuvers questions

Hi everyone!

I´ve some doubts about the effects of some duelist maneuvers, so here we go:

1- My enemy uses Feint against me, and I use Parry in response. I prevent one wound from the Feint maneuver, but do I also prevent the effect ("if your target is injured again this round, he suffers one additional Wound") of the Feint maneuver?

2- The same question is for the Bash maneuver...

3- I use Slash against my enemy, and in response he uses Riposte. May I use Parry or Riposte to prevent the Wounds dealt by his Riposte?

4- Does the Bash maneuver prevents wounds dealt by the Lunge manuever, or the damage dealt by Lunge can´t by prevented by any means?

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Harliquinn Whit...
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1) You do not prevent the effect of Feint by preventing the damage. All you've done is parried the feinting attack but the feint still had its effect of distracting you.

2) You do not prevent the effect of Bash by preventing the damage. You're still off balance for your next attack.

3) Yes you can continue to use 'counter' or 'defensive' maneuvers in response to attacks until one of the combatants is out of Raises or has no further maneuvers they can use. This does mean that those combatants will have spent a lot of Raises in succession which they may need later. (This is a change mentioned by one of the developers, since as 'written' you only use those defensive maneuvers on your Actions)

4) Lunge can't be prevented by any means that doesn't specifically say "This can be used to prevent damage by Lunge" (there is one of these in one of the newer books)

Luis Olmeda
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Great, thanks a lot for your quick answers!

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