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BluSponge blusp...
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Now for something completely different and unrelated to the dueliing rules.

How would you handle bombs and explosives in 7S2?  Obviously, from the GM side, it could just be a shared consequence.  But I may need to go a bit further down the rabbit hole than that.  I'm looking at running a game next year and one of the villain ideas I'm considering is a Rilascre member who is a real bomb thrower.  

What do you think?

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Salamanca's picture
Figure out a damage number and the amount of raises to deal with it. It really is just damage.
BluSponge blusp...
BluSponge blusponge@verizon.net's picture

For NPCs, sure. But what about if the players start fiddling with explosives? Then things begin to get a bit more fiddly. Also, shouldn't grenades be a bit more like firearms? If you are caught within a certain zone, shouldn't a dramatic wound be automatic? Or is that making them too abusive?

Harliquinn Whit...
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I think there need to be rules for misfiring explosives if you're going to introduce them as a regular weapon, otherwise too dangerous I think for balance.

BluSponge blusp...
BluSponge blusponge@verizon.net's picture

I think misfires would require a danger point.

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