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7th Sea Discord?

Reddit Feeds - Tue, 12/12/2017 - 19:10

I was thinking about creating a 7th Sea Discord for the community to use as a hub to talk about rules and setting, and find or schedule games. What do you all think?

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Dueling with weapons other than swords?

Reddit Feeds - Tue, 12/12/2017 - 10:23

Kummerholt's Death Knell applies to broken swords and knives. But if one was wielding an axe or a spear, could one still use "dueling" rules for doing damage and doing defense (of course Kummerholt's Death Knell won't apply for a spear!)? I ask not only of Kummerholt, but also of other styles.

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Loring Fighting School

Reddit Feeds - Tue, 12/05/2017 - 00:56

In 1st Edition, there was an Eisen fighting style called Loring that involved fighting with two Panzerhands. It was a defensive fighting style out of Freiberg...

Well, a player of mine made an Eisen Pugilist and is hoping to possibly use this fighting style in 2nd Edition. So, I have two questions:
Does fighting with a Panzerhand fall under Brawl or Weaponry as a skill? If Loring appeared as a Dueling Style, would it's special maneuver be the same or very similar to Eisenfaust's Iron Reply?

Thoughts from the community on this?

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New GM to 7sea and in general! Anybody want to answer stupid questions?!

Reddit Feeds - Sun, 12/03/2017 - 12:37

First we have first edition. Idk if that makes a difference. I noticed there's no carry weight system but It seems a bit silly not to have one. What is an easy system to use/ what is everybody else using?

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Different directions (open debate)

Reddit Feeds - Thu, 11/30/2017 - 10:26

I have a growing feeling that I've been misled into supporting the new edition of 7th Sea as it seems the vision I have for the game and what it should be is completely different from the one JWP is implementing. When I scout the web in search of other opinions as my own to share views and confront arguments what strikes me is the deafening silence around the game. Despite the fact that it got more backers than any other crowdfunded RPG project, almost nobody is discussing the game, and the few comments you can read here and there are either very polarized, someone popping out to throw a very negative comment about the game as a whole, or either one of the adepts of Mr Wick write entire panegyric reviews singing praises of the creator without much insight about the actual content delivered.

So how figuring out what's going on in this scattered community? Well, dropping from more than 11 400 backers to 2 500+ is self-explicit. To all those who justified this drop by the fact that eastern flavored backgrounds are less appealing to the western crowds I say bollocks, even double bollocks. Stamping a setting with "asian flavor inside" is pretty much a 100% guarantee for success in the West. Legend of the Wulin, Ogre Gate, Wu Xing, all these quite confidential games are quite successful at their respective scale, not to mention the giant L5R or even Qin the warring states, which is originally a French RPG, I happen to be lucky enough to know one of the author and to have played with him, and probably the most successful French RPG ever and mainly thanks to its setting. So no, Khitai did not suffer from its setting.

So what happened? Well I won't spend to much time on that since I don't know myself and considering my personal bias I can only offer guesses, but higgledy-piggledy I'd say a poor communication before and during the campaign, over stretched thresholds, odd and ultimately debatable choice of content for the rewards, weird choices of development (going from 4 of the main nations into one book to one nation per book), and of course the consequences of the ongoing deliveries for the 7th Sea 2nd Edition campaign, namely a very polarizing game system that is way less popular than the devs think it is, disappointing content, inconsistent lore, etc. These are not all my ideas, several come from posts I've seen here and there written by more or less disappointed backers.

So in the end, this leaves me with a question, have I, and many others out there, misunderstood what JWP's project was and backed something that wasn't for us? In which case then we'd have to deal with it and let it go. Or, are the devs from JWP completely off the mark and have no idea what their community expected? In other words, who misunderstood what 7th Sea is supposed to be?

In normal times I wouldn't ask the question, a developing team proposes a game, it's available on the shelves or your favorite RPG book store to browse, people check it up, like it buy it, do not like it move to the next product, simple as that. But here, it's a crowdfunded project. We all, at different levels, participated to its inception. Shouldn't we, as a community, have a say in the content of the products? I already picture some comments saying that I'm alone on this line and thus the devs don't have to listen to my single voice, sure, you're right, except that we went from 11 400 down to 2 500. We lost nearly 9 000 people! Surely I'm not the only one irritated by the content they delivered so far. I mean, someone posted that the games showcased by John Wick seem to indicate that the game was designed to be a series of one-shots, and indeed the mechanics hint that way, but all I see around is people talking about entire campaigns, and clearly the lore hints that way, so the rules and the lore both aim at two different types of games, thus my question, did JWP truly figure out what their game is supposed to be and how it is meant to be played?

The last draw for me was the Vaticine city preview we got. I asked two of my friends who are both RPG players what is the first thing they expect from a city book in a given setting. They didn't even know what game we were talking about. Both replied simultaneously "a map!". Yet here, we have a company rewarded for the quality of its maps who uses almost an entire page to tell its players and GMs in a very patronizing way that they don't need the map because the game doesn't need maps to be played, and before referring to the core book to remind them what is a dramatic sequence. One page out of 70. To tutor people in the most pedantic way possible.

So, three things. I don't think it's the place of a company to tell its players what they do or do not need, it's disrespectful and shows very little understanding of the very diverse type of plays that can exist among the RPG community. Secondly, if maps are that irrelevant, why do you spend so much time drawing them for the rest of your world? Just tell us where stuff are situated approximately and we'll roll with that... Finally, if you still need to patronize your players and GMs about how your game should or should not be played when reaching nearly 24 months of development and your tenth supplement (counting a release after Secret Societies, if it comes after Land of Gold it should be the eighth supplement) then clearly you did something very wrong.

It shows through the way the timeline issue was handled. Remember how the devs first reacted here when we brought the topic and ultimately complained about the mess that were the dates over all the books. Here is Micheal's first response to a comment where I raised the concern:

"Personally, I don't consider a specific, explicit, and highly accurate ancient timeline to be important. I don't think it matters that X King converted to the Vaticine faith 200 years ago, or 150 years ago -- the idea is that he converted to the Vaticine faith a long-ass time ago, several generations ago, and _____ is how that influences the current status of the nation and its various religions. While I certainly agree that some elements of the 7th Sea timeline are confusing or a bit jumbled, I confess that I don't understand why it's an issue in the majority of cases. It is, however, something that we are actively working on cleaning up, but I'm not directly involved in that process (I'm a rules monkey, not a setting monkey) so I can't give you any specific details or an ETA."

He simply couldn't see the issue. And it took a couple of months after this exchange for them to finally address the issue and recruit (or choose I don't know) a loremaster within the dev team. I mean, common sense suggests such a job should have been one of the first and foremost jobs filled before they even started to write any line of lore, yet they waited for the fifth supplement to be released to realize that this was not working. Half the game line has been released with unchecked and inconsistent lore and won't be fixed simply because they didn't understand lore and time were an issue for a sizeable majority of the players, and whereas this is a crowdfunded project.

So I suppose by now you have guessed what my answer to my own question would be, obviously I believe they failed to grasp the expectations of the community regarding the content of their game and instead of mending their ways they kept going against the stream no matter the consequences, aka two failed projects and one successful, albeit barely compared to the former, KS campaign. However I'm very interested in your opinions on the matter.

I'm following the development of another game right now, one that didn't use crowdfunding for its development. The supplements are more or less the same size those JWP provide us with, so while the settings have nothing in common, the content can be compared, and both team are roughly the same size (JWP would be bigger by one or two persons but not granted). When the main designer starts drawing or writing for a future release, he starts sending messages on our French community Facebook page, chatting with us like we're some kind of old buddies, sending us some teases to drive us mad with theories :), and when a product is released, he comes to us asking how we liked it, how it unfold and what should be changed in the upcoming works. And all the other devs speaking a bit of French or English do the same. None of them shows any sign of arrogance regarding their products no matter how outstanding they can be.

This is the kind of attitude I expected from the 7th Sea's dev team.

TL;DR Did JWP truly figure out what their game is supposed to be and how it is meant to be played? And are we, as players and GMs who backed the game, entitled to ask for changes in the development's direction?

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What if there was a villain that pushed the boundries of magic in order to bring down both the Vaticine and Montaigne? My newest Explorer Society entry introduces him to you. Enjoy!

Reddit Feeds - Sun, 11/26/2017 - 02:03

I have a new addition to 7th Sea 2nd Edition's Explorer Society program on DriveThruRPG: http://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/227285/The-Mirror-Road?affiliate_id=406997

It's the story of an organization that helps sorcerers escape those who hunt them, and is embroiled in the ever-present conflict between Montaigne and the Vaticine Church. Included are details about the organization, its leader, a unique castle they use, and a dangerous ship that sails the high seas at their bidding.

I hope you all can enjoy everything in this! If you like what you see in it, you can check out other things I have done for this and other games on my patreon (www.patreon.com/BlackSkyIndustries) or on that patreon's facebook page (www.facebook.com/BlackSkyIndustries)

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Cities of Faith Preview and Kickstarter Update

Reddit Feeds - Wed, 11/22/2017 - 05:40

So. The backers have been given a preview of the Vaticine city. I'm kind of impressed. I wasn't that happy with the Vaticine City in NoT1, but that might have been more to do with the format of the NoTs, than the actual content. It may have had to do with the fact that we knew that the Vaticine was getting it's own detailed pages, so perhaps spending Castille word count on it seemed superfluous.

This seems to give you a look into the Church as well as the physical environments of the Vaticine. I love that we finally get a overview of the Church's titles, especially what a Mirabilis is (spoiler: it's a priest specialised in education and study.)

The NPC Gallery is one of the best we've gotten since Crescent Empire. (I especially like Ursula del Rio. She reminds me of one of my own PCs.) Two new Secret Societies, with the Inquisition being detailed a bit more than what we got with Verdugo, as well as a small chapter on the Vaticine Vault and the relics hidden down there. A lot of those are insanely powerful, and a good measuring mark for future magical items. And... somehow they managed to sneak in rules for Traps. As well as... new sorcery?! Huh. I guess there's space for holy smites now. Combined with the guidelines for Miracles and Faith, I suspect that we're loaded up for divine intervention.

In any case, I think the only thing I'm displeased by this book is that the dueling style introduced is neither Rossini nor the Sword of Solomon, but a new style called "I Tre Soldati". The new Advantages? Devout is a 1pt that makes you a flawless preacher of Theus's rituals and quotes. Seminary is pretty much a priestly version of Academy and the likes. And there's a Favored by the Church that expands on either Patron or Ordained, giving us a template for doing that.

Second of all. JWP decided, in their wisdom, to revise the publishing schedule a bit. Smart move, in my book.

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A little help getting started.

Reddit Feeds - Sun, 11/19/2017 - 20:11

Hello everyone.

Recently I went down to my local comic book shop and there was some people playing 7th sea at the table. I use to play it at my buddies house back in middle school but haven't since.

I was wondering if someone could point me in the right direction of what books to get to just get started. I wasn't sure if getting the players guide and I believe the 2 game master guides was enough to get started it not.


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Pax Unplugged Philly

Reddit Feeds - Fri, 11/17/2017 - 01:34

Come see the JWP crew including John at booth 438

We will happily talk 7th sea Theah as well as Khitai with everyone. We will have cool stuff to sell and autographs are always free :D

Also side note. Sometime this weekend John and I (Dan) will be running our pro wrestling game. It isn't scheduled but we will find a space and have a blast running and playing it.

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Reddit Feeds - Thu, 11/16/2017 - 22:24

I'd like to talk about villainous schemes. Right now, I have at least two schemes going on in play. But I haven't really involved the players or put the investment on the table for them to work on.

How do you handle schemes in play? Do you keep some sort of visual representation of them for the players to see? Do you keep them in the background? Tell me everything the books don't, please.

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John Wick is GMing 7th Sea on Geek and Sundry today!

Reddit Feeds - Thu, 11/16/2017 - 11:35

Ahoy mateys!

So I recently found out that John Wick was invited to GM on a new web show called Starter Kit on Project Alpha/Geek and Sundry.

Since I've read a lot of you desired to watch one of the creators playing the game I think you'd like to see how the Wick himself rolls.

The show actually began last week and John helped the players make new characters and name their ship. This week I expect they will start playing. I don't know how much more episodes will feature 7th Sea.

I'm not sure if it's behind a paywall, but I think you can watch it on Twitch live free of charge. Also you can sign up for Project Alpha for a free month then cancel before the month is up if you wish.


This is the trailer of sorts: [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6KCmMFBLMTA#action=share]

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How hungry are your heroes for failure?

Reddit Feeds - Mon, 11/13/2017 - 12:23

I'm wondering how often your players make use of the "I Fail" mechanic.

Part of this is my own limited experience with 2e: I've run two sessions and played in a session. To date, the only player to choose to fail at a risk was me. My knee-jerk reaction is the background of the folks I play with - we're used to playing games to "win," even when that "victory" is embedded in the narrative, rather than the game (as is true for most RPGs).

That inclination leads a lot of players to resist setbacks, even when they might be interesting from a story perspective, so I turn to you, oh wise and experienced 7th Sea 2e community, to see how this mechanic is flourishing or not further away from my own table.

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