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Tobie Abad
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The Widow's Secret

There is an undocumented island in the Widows Sea, west of La Motte, Montaigne which is mentioned in songs sung by the old fishermen who sell wares at Les Falaises. The song claims the island appears only when the Widow hungers for company.
— Warren Cassaday, Castillian Archæologist and Syrneth Collector

A 7th Sea Treasure Hunting Adventure

An artificial island rises from the Widow’s Sea and reveals its hidden Syrneth ruins.
Are you ready to plumb its depths to uncover the Widow’s Secret?


keywords: Syrneth, Traps, Pirates


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I enjoyed reading this adventure, and left you a good review on DriveThruRPG. :)

Tobie Abad
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Thank you so much. Working on the next one already.

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