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Carlo Lope
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Wealth and grumpiness rules
house rules

First thing is that this is by no means serious. It was something I came up with that would bring a bit of laughter to the table but besides that, it does nothing else, so I haven't thought much about it. It was fun to think about it though.

Here is the thing:

RAW states that if your character has any income between sessions, they spend everything or, if they want to save some money, half of it.

My idea was to allow a character to decide between the following:

  • If the character has any income then they can decide if they want to spend everything or save some wealth. If they decide to save, they then choose how much wealth up to their income they want to keep. For every point of wealth they keep they gain 1 level of Grumpiness/Moodiness/Crankiness or however you want it called.
  • If a character does not have a steady income (they received a reward or recovered a treauser but they do not usually have any money) then if they spend at least 1 a session they won't receive any levels of Grumpiness. If they want to save everything, they receive 1 level.

What does Grumpiness do? Easy... it wants you to throw a party and spend your coins having fun.

When you reach a level of Grumpiness above your Resolve level (you have Resolve 3 and Grumpiness 4 for example) then the GM may or may not decide to call up for a dramatic/action sequence. If he does not, then the Grumpiness level of that character drops to 0. If the GM decides to call for a dramatic sequence then the character has this urge where they want to spend money. They want to throw a party (I buy 5 sets of clothes every week and I have bought nothing for 3 days damn it!) or gamble or whatever fits.

The base cost of that sequence is the total income (not the total money saved) plus 1 wealth point per level of Grumpiness (if a player has 4 levels then 4 wealth points). I say base cost because the objective within that sequence is for the character to spend everything and the rest of the group to try to stop him... unless they are willing to join the fun.

However, not everything is bad news. There may be consequences that could increase the cost of the party but this sequence is supossed to help the character (normally a rich and spoiled character that has more money they can count) to not spend those coins (because there is an ulterior motive.. like a ship coming). Furthermore, there may be opportunities characters may use to meet new people or help reduce the cost of that party.

In short, normally a sequence has more consequences than opportunities but the point of this one is to create a sequence where there are more opportunities (to reduce a great consequence) than consequences.

Like I said... it was something I thought funny enough to use. I don't know if it's even balanced or not and I don't care much, but this idea came thanks to that podcast Lloyd Gyan uplodaded to youtube when they started in that tavern. Amazingly hilarious :)

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