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Scott Stefanski
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WE... ALL... WIN!!

This is amazing.  A 15+ year old game, considered dead and buried by most, rises from the ashes to KS history.  We all win from this.  It is AMAZING.  Let's all celebrate what we've all helped JWP accomplish.  *RAISES A PINT TO THE SEA DOGS*

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Jennifer Gorman
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Tilly Bomas
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No one would have guessed it, but here it stands.  I am a newcomer to 7th sea (Only been playing about 3 years now), and I was stoked about the KS.  I can't wait to get my hands on the new stuff.... and I can't wait till The East comes, so I can KS that as well, and get my hands on the last bit of the World :)

James Stephens
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(Captain) - Crack open the barrels of rum!

(Boatswain) - Captain, we're out of rum.  Admiral Wick requisitioned it all.

(Captain) *Sheds a tear and hangs his head*

Code Ronin
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Set sail for Phoenix! And yes, I know it's inland, in the middle of a desert, set sail anyway!

Tilly Bomas
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What?  Your ship doesn't have Tessaren Awesomeness in it?  Land is no challange :P

Morgan Wolfe
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But, the rum's gone? The rum can't be gone!

Morgan Wolfe
aka Capt. Doña Sir Kestrel of Avalon http://silver-gateway.com/7sea/

Salty Dog
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*hoists a mug*

A job well done. The entire crew deserves a week of shore leave and an extra ration of rum.

Amelia Montero
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/raises jar of grog

We wanted this. We wanted more exciting adventures in new places. We wanted to know more about the ancient ruins of the old Syrneth. We wanted to open our mind to the knowledge of the Invisible college. We wanted to use our sword, once more and drink in the tavern with our pals.


Cheers mates, good job

Shammara Blanchard
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You know, it is funny. I only own some of the First Edition stuff. Never even got to play 7th Sea before. But the world is so awesome. And that is why I backed the second edition.
Shammara Blanchard
Shammara Blanchard's picture
Sorry. Double post
Salamanca's picture

I thought I was winning before this. 

Still think I was.

Will consider this one of those blow out victories where you send the scrubs in because one of my players just VOLUNTEERED to run the quickstart adventure this weekend instead of asking me to run it.

Seventh Sea
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Today is the first day of spring, exactly 7 days after the successful 7th Sea 2nd Edition Kickstarter.

Thank you to all the fans here, that keep this "Commonwealth of Fans" so alive and interesting.

Keep spreading the word, for such an increasingly thriving and vibrant population make us all winners.

Once again, thank you all.

The Admins of 7thSea2e.com

True Iskander
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Anyone else counting down the hours until April 1? I know we shouldn't expect links to the PDFs right that second, but I can hope, can't I?
Doctor's picture

I am expecting a lot of "ish" surrounding a lot of the release dates but not this one.If I had to guess I would say that everything is set up on Drivethru. After all, these are all books that have already been published so the nuts and bolts of getting them released is pretty much a matter of making sure Drivethru knows who to release them to. 

“Every normal man must be tempted at times to spit on his hands, hoist the black flag, and begin to slit throats.”
- H.L. Mencken

Cthulhu Netobvious
Cthulhu Netobvious's picture
Apri 1st is April Fools Day, so expect nothing authentic till after 12 noon that day. Ha ha ha!

TAJ-07: Technopriest And Justicar Of 7thSea2e

True Iskander
True Iskander's picture
I realized that as I was posting my comment!
Salamanca's picture
John has been known to pull some epic pranks in the past. I can't be the only one who remembers his faked death on RPG.net. If I recall, he just went along with it but it was a storm of rage on that site for months. But I think all the books were PDF formatted prior to John taking them back so it should be good to go.
True Iskander
True Iskander's picture

Woo-hoo.  I imagine I can't be the only one who's new to 7th Sea and is looking forward to going through each 1e book to see what they want to carry over to their 2e stories.

Salamanca's picture
Heck, I'm excited and already have everything in a physical copy and all but 3 in digital form.
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