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Villain Tools

I love idea generators!  Since I've recycled my old 7th Sea villains in my current witch hunter game, I need to come up with a new crop of villains for my next campaign.  So in the meantime, I thought I'd start compiling some nice tools for GMs to create villains and can use some help.

I'm thinking about two tools in particular.

First, a collection of villainous archetypes, including those from the swashbuckling adventure Heroes and Villains book.  This being an idea generator, I'm not really interested in stats.  I'm thinking a template like this:

ARCHETYPE (Favored Trait: Strength or Influence)
Typical Goals:
Recommended Advantages:

Simple right?  Helpful?  I think so.  Here's my current (incomplete) list of archetypes:

  • The Betrayer
  • The Bureaucrat
  • The Fallen Hero
  • The Fanatic
  • The Fop
  • The Mad Scientist
  • The Mastermind
  • The Monster
  • The Pirate
  • The Priest
  • The Saboteur
  • The Seducer
  • The Spy
  • The Weakling
  • The Zealot

Second, I want to repurpose the Villain Schemes table from the 5e DnD DMG.  Each entry will have a Motivation accompanied by a handful of sample "schemes." Here's an example:


  • Conquer a region or incite a rebellion
  • Seize control of an army
  • Become the power behind the throne
  • Gain the favor of a ruler

Anyone interested in helping flesh these out?

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Cthulhu Netobvious
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The Pirate as villain? Noooo!!!

TAJ-07: Technopriest And Justicar Of 7thSea2e

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Heh. Example: Reis.  That's straight out of the Swashbuckling Adventures book.

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So here is an example of the a Pirate Villan Archetype might look like, since Netobvious brought it up.  :)

THE PIRATE [Strength]
Typical Motivations:
Aggression, Autonomy, Revenge
Suggested Advantages: Sea Legs, Indomitable Will, Reputation, Trusted Companion

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A few more.  Feel free to suggest changes or amendments.

The Betrayer [Influence]
Typical Motivations:
Ambition, Revenge
Suggested Advantages: Connections, Disarming Smile, Leadership, Trusted Companion


The Bureaucrat [Influence]
Typical Motivations:
Ambition, Exhibition, Vanity
Suggested Advantages: Connections, Disarming Smile, Friend at Court, Patron


The Fop [Influence]
Typical Motivations:
Ambition, Safety, Vanity
Suggested Advantages: Friend at Court, Inspire Generosity, Patron


The Mad Scientist [?]
Typical Motivations:
Acceptance, Achievement, Vanity
Suggested Advantages: Spark of Genius, Tenure, University


The Pawn [Strength]
Typical Motivations:
Acceptance, Ambition, Autonomy, Safety, Order
Suggested Advantages: Disarming Smile, Opportunist, Slip Free, Survivalist


The Seducer [Influence]
Typical Motivations: Ambition, Autonomy, Revenge, Vanity
Suggested Advantages: Come Hither, Disarming Smile, Fascinate, Opportunist


The Spy [Strength]
Typical Motivations:
 Affiliation, Nationalism, Nurturing, Order, Safety
Suggested Advantages: Disarming Smile, Got It!, Psst, Over Here, Slip Free

Catalina Arciniega
Catalina Arciniega's picture
I would give the mad scientist "for a greater good" as a motivation and wits as favoured trait. Spy might get well with finesse as favoured trait as well. The fallen Hero [finesse/brawl depending on his main weapon] Motivation: revenge, nationalism, the greater good (the end justifies the means). Suggested advantages: duelist, survivalist, leadership, trusted companion. The fanatic [resolve] Motivation: nationalism, God, affiliation. Suggested advantages: leadership, trusted companion, friend at the court, connections. The swindler [wits] Motivation: wealth, influence, vanity. Suggested advantages: streetwise, we're not so different, barterer, opportunist.
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