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Villain Record Sheet
villains, character sheet

Here's an early draft of a Villain record sheet.  Silmple enough.  Thoughts?

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Cthulhu Netobvious
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Looks nice and easy to use. All the important aspects are right there especially the Villains Strength and Influence. Do you things there is enough space for the Virtue and Hubris though?

TAJ-07: Technopriest And Justicar Of 7thSea2e

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I think so.  I'll need to play with it a bit, but there is plenty of room to squeeze in a bit more space.  My thing is what other minor tidbits would people like space for?  I'm thinking of having two versions: a "light" version and a robust version.  I'm laying it out with the mindset that you can print it and throw it in your game notebook.  Or drop it in a Evernote or OneNote book.  Personally, I'd LOVE to format an Evernote page for it.  But we'll see.  I like the idea of giving people a simple option and another for people like me, who like lots of little details to fill in.

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Here's a more minimalist version.  I'm kinda liking this more.


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Ok, so other than the basics (traits, arcana, advantages, and schemes), what sort of information do you want to track for villains?  Right now, here's my list:






Lair (with grid for mapping)


I'm also thinking, since it'll be a form fillable PDF, would it be helpful to output the info onto an index card template? Obviously it couldn't hold everything, but it could hold some key details.  Thoughts?

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I've put the finished versions of the Villain Record up on my blog's download page.  As promised, I've included two versions: a simple version with just the basic details, and a more robust version for fiddly GMs like myself.  Look for them in the 7th Sea section.

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