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Strega's Loom: A Guide to the Sorte Deck
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A few people (here and over on the 7th Sea kickstarter page) have voiced interest in a document detailing the symbolism in the various cards of the Sorte deck.  There didn't seem to be such a thing anywhere, so I wrote one.  I have some background in Tarot, but the Sorte deck isn't a perfect match, so some extrapolation was necessary (and part of the fun).  I'm also not part of Mr. Wick's crew, so my interpretation may not perfectly line up with what they intended.  Still, for anyone interested, I posted my analysis of each card -- as well as some possible in-world Sorte spreads -- on-line at the Explorer's Society under the title Strega's Loom.

The document should be set as 'pay what you want,' which I believe means that no-one has to pay anything unless they want to -- but I'm new to this stuff, so if I'm wrong about that, please let me know.  May it prove useful!

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