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Luis Olmeda
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Starting Hero points
hero points

Hi everyone!

On page 177 the Corebook sais that "All heroes start each game with one Hero Point". The words "each game" means every session of play, or an entire adventure?

I´m a little confused about this, because it can affect the way players distribute their hero points...

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BluSponge blusp...
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I'd take each game to mean each game session.

Luis Olmeda
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So, if today a heroe finishes the game session (not the adventure) with 4 points left, if we play again tomorrow he will start again with just one point, losing the remaining points?
BluSponge blusp...
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Yes. Use them or lose them. It encourages the players to spend their points, not hold on to them, horde them, or sit on them for an exp bonus (1st Ed).

I'm getting the impression you are approaching this as a negative. It's not. The way the game works, players have PLENTY of opportunities to earn HP. You don't even have to impress the GM with your roleplaying chops. You have your quirks, your hubris, plus a half dozen other tricks that give you HP. Starting each game at 1 is NOT A PROBLEM.

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Yep, I think so.  If it's any consolation to your PCs, the GM's Danger Pool resets too.

Luis Olmeda
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I don't see the rule as something negative, I just wanted to clear my thoughts about its meaning. Thanks a lot for your answers!
Heng benjamin
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Well this rule is not really funny for us (but hard to houserule): we're playing weekly 2 hours game.

So, the end result is probably my players having 2 to 4 times more HP without doing anything to get them. They never have to fail a roll or play their quirk to get  them. 

But hey, we still have a lot of fun ;)

Lech Górski
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I think that "each game" means each game session.

All hero points are lost after the game is ended. That may see infair, but it's purpose is to cut off the powergaming and hero point management. Hero points are made to make game session fun, not for players to store or manage them through the campaign.

If your players have some hero points left after the game, that means that you didn't push them hard enough. Add some consequences to make the scenes more spicy, don't be affraid to add brute squads or new NPCs with evil intentions :). Not to mention danger points or just makeing some consequences if hero points were earned using Arcana.

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