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Floyd Wesel
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From Sorcerer to Clergyman to Pirate to Admiral

From Sorcerer to Clergyman to Pirate to Admiral: the Remarkable Life of Eustace The Monk


I could imagine this fellow inspiring some...

(Maybe this should be in the GM only section, but I'm not allowed to post in there.)

At the turn of the 13th century, Eustace Busket fought, raided, killed, embezzled, betrayed, revenged, impersonated and prayed his way across France, Spain and England. Although better known as Eustace the Monk, this younger son of a county lord spent little time in a monastery, choosing instead to live the life of a steward, mercenary and pirate...


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Cthulhu Netobvious
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Thanks, Floyd Wesel. That was an intersting post and good link.

And tihs post is perfectly fine in this public secion too. The GM-only section was for SPOILERS that may ruin an adventure.

Honestly, if players want to ruin their own adventures and read the GM-secrets, it is their loss missing out on the fun of anticipation. 

Such players who raid the GM-section should remember that GMs put a lot of work into making fun adventures for players to enjoy. 

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