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Carlo Lope
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Slip of the tongue
advantages, risk

Hello there,

Something that happened when playing a Werewolf campaing got me thinking about what it would be for 7th sea if the same kind of scene were to happen (it will, i'm sure).

So... here's the tale:

We captured one of the main Villain's lackeys and we wanted to hold him hostage. This lackey had killed a few of our allies. Besides our group, there were two allies with us, one that was more like a mentor to us and another one that was more or less a loose cannon. Thing is, one of the group said something he shouldn't have, a slip of the tongue you may say, as he explained this bad guy had killed more or less 12 Garou. Our ally, the loose cannon, stopped there and asked "what did you just say?" so we had to stop him from killing our hostage with a manipulation test.

So... I don't remember the name but I know there is an Advantage in the corebook that allows you to reedit, change or modify something someone has said. What happens if you do not have that Advantage? With Werewolf, you can simply make a simple test against our ally in this case to see if you can convince him it was a figure of speech. 

Simple tests in 7th sea 2nd do not really work that well as it was made with sequences in mind. 

How would you guys tackle this particular problem? 



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Something to remember is that you can make opposed risks using the bidding system.  If I spend 4 raises to convince you I meant something else, you would need to spend 5 to see through my cover up.

Carlo Lope
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Can oppossed risks contain consequences and/or opportunities? Something like... you need 3 Raises to convince me at that moment but there is a consequence of 2 Raises where I will be a bit suspicious?

I thought oppossed tests were best avoided because in the long run, you get a fair amount of Raises and so does your opponent. Being a system that lets you get dice/2 in Raises (normally), making oppossed tests against someone of 1 or 2 dice less/more feels really really hard.

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The GM should deal with that as a purely roleplay issue while taking taking into account the Panache of the player VS the Resolve of the the 'loose cannon'.

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