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Brian Beers
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Ship adventures
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I was reading through the ship adventures section. How does someone get enough wealth to earn Gold Drives a Man to Dream? You need to sell 10 wealth of cargo in one voyage, but as far as I can figure out, the max you can get at once is 6. 2 cargo, 2 port, 2 for demand. What am I missing?

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Wyrd GM
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I believe I would consider a voyage to be the trip to the location, and the trip back.

So, depending on the trip, potentially up to 12 Wealth. 6 to one port, and 6 on the return trip.

It could go even further if the voyage was a multi-step voyage. So, basically Port A to Port A is the voyage. The steps between can be long... but they can be fruitful, or fraught with peril


Brian Beers
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That makes a lot of sense, thanks. Time to make some plans to get my smuggling ship a 3rd cargo slot. :)

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As an IRL merchant sailor, I can attest that a voyage may consist of multiple ports of call, and Wyrd is correct, a voyage is often there and back. Additionally, liner trade vessels sail the same route over and over again (e.g. Brunswick, GA -> Zebruge, Belgium -> Rotterdam -> Falmouth, England -> Cork, Ireland -> Newark, NJ -> Baltimore, MD -> Charleston, SC -> Brunswick, GA). One circuit is one voyage.

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